Climate Change-People, Animals NOT the

Cause of alleged climate disturbances. Doncha remember? 40+ yrs ago we were stridently informed that changing atmospheric conditions will be blamed on:
Depletion Of The Rain Forests!

In school we had to watch presentations on all those trees being cut down and no large scale replantings were taking place. The massive loss would eventually affect our weather patterns, so if experts allege that the climate is changing, they should stop blaming the flatulent outlays of people and cows.

But I think the pet theory that political purveyers are pushing in their hot air orations creates a stench far worse than fogies and manure combined. Bec whenever they pump up one of their causes it is a money game for sure. And since money doesn’t grow on trees, they had to create another theme called climate change.

There’s always a justification on Climate change, no matter how corrupt
the EPA is, no matter how the Temperatures are around the world that constantly
contradict the myth and Extreme Radical Liberal money maker of “Global Warming”.

In the 70’s scientists were predicting an ice age coming and then suddenly in the 90’s it became a “global warming” crisis that caught on worldwide and I’ve lost count how many “10 year” warnings we have had since then. :roll_eyes: Of course now with the new green deal they’ve upped it to a “12 year” warning! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: And in between the ice age coming and global warming we had warnings of the Ozone layer depletion along with the risk to rain forests. It just goes and on & on with no end in sight, much like our billions of years old planet earth! :open_mouth: Talk about flatulence the liberal environmental nut jobs are really stinking up the globe with this nonsense.

And you’re right the masterminds behind this global hoax are all about the $$$$!

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Wilful ignorance is apparently the great filter.


Yep human’s can’t affect the environment, smog and acid rain are hallucinations.

I have been thinking something along the same lines recently.

I’ve got this HOT idea that will scare people and raise a lot of tax money, world wide.

World-wide conspiracies involving thousands, perhaps millions, of people are totally realistic.

This one involves billions. Everyone gets to play.

So you believe there are thousands of scientists around the world in countries like Japan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Italy…all involved in a conspiracy to create a global warming hoax in order to receive money from their respective governments?

Yep, totally sounds realistic.

Yay, the ice age trope got played!

People, quit being lemmings, the ice age hypothesis was a very small portion of peer reviewed papers. The overwhelming majority of papers that predicted any type of change predicted warming.

Speaking of sounding realistic…

Yeah. That bastion of scientific understanding, Mark Levin giving a Koch funded speaker a platform all to expose an international cabal of scientists who are chasing that sweet grant money.