Clickbait or Changing the definition of words?

I just saw, and clicked on, a headline that said, “Heroic” Japanese pizza delivery man braves hurricane.

(It’s actually the Sun, an English paper, which might explain it.)

I expected the video to show a pizza delivery guy doing something “heroic” - instead it just shows a poor schmuck fighting against the wind in his little scooter, not to deliver a pizza but to stay alive.

Lots of news outlets these days do use “clickbait” - a deceiving headline to get people to click on an article that has nothing to do with what they think. (All those photos of people like Pauley Perette with black eyes and a headline like "Fans were sorry to see her go).

But I’m just wondering if the news media is also trying to change the meaning of words, just like social media does… Cheapening the word “heroic” from to be a hero to being a poor sap who was stuck in bad weather, for example…

Yes. It’s titled in a way to get the maximum number of clicks.

The story itself is a non-story. It’s not news.

They probably chose the word “heroic” because for the stoned guys who ordered the pizza, during the worst storm in a decade, the driver who braved the storm to make the delivery is indeed a “hero”.

Anything that says “sponsored” is clickbait. After that you have to use your own judgement I suppose. Even some supposed “news” websites have them, it’s disgusting.

It’s almost as if our capitalist system abuses their workers for the owners benefit. Funny that. I’m ■■■■■■■ Frodo for Dominoes.

I forgot about that. I deactivated my Facebook account a year ago.

It took at least a month before someone said anything about it to me in real life.

Sometimes I still get the compulsion to take a picture of something or write something cleaver, and put it on my page. It’s a passing feeling. I know that in actuality, nobody gives a ■■■■■

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I have a huge family, 21 first cousins all with kids of their own and believe it or not, I knew them all well growing up and still keep in touch with them at some level. It’s worth it to me just for that.

That sounds really nice.

I grew up with 2 cousins that were about my age. 3 more cousins, on a less frequent basis, who were a bit older. The rest of my family live far away. Lots of military in my family. Even those two cousins who I was the closest with, ended up marrying spouses that would be in the military. I did too, so I can’t really complain about people going away.