Clerk Should Not Have Shot Their Armed Robber Relative

"According to Rappley’s siblings, who spoke with WHIO, it was “wrong” that the employee shot their brother in self-defense.

“He’s got some responsibility, but not all,” Rappley’s sister said. “Right and wrong is wrong, that was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest.”

"Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh, well! Call the police, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands!" she continued."

I’m sure that their brother was a harmless young lad who was trying to better himself.

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Too many people put no value on human life. None at all.

You can’t make stuff up like that.

Maybe if they would have helped teach their brother some morals perhaps he wouldn’t have been shot in the chest due to his own stupidity.

Family members are typically not the best examples of rational thought when dealing with death…


Oh please. He’s dead due to his own stupidity.

If you decide to rob people one day you’ll end up finding someone who can fight right back.

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But there needs to be some common sense.

A cousin of mine is sitting in prison for the rest of his life because he decided to rob a store and murder the store owner.

I didn’t shed a single tear. His mother took it rough but she did the right thing. She’s the one who gave the cops his location to the police.

What I said is true. You don’t have to go for center mass to protect yourself. That has always been BS.

I don’t know, they stuck a camera in grieving families faces and got an irrational emotional statement.

I honestly don’t see the story here.

Not wrong. Robber had drawn a gun, therefore placing others in immediate danger.

You’re not going to tell us that he should have shot the gun out of the robbers hand, are you?

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Wow. You have no sympathy for a family member even. Of course you have no sympathy for anyone outside said family.

Apparently his family member had no sympathy for the person he murdered.

If someone has a gun, yes you do.

Never fire a gun at someone armed with a gun without intending to kill.

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You fire to stop the assailant. The most surefire to do so, especially under stress, is to shoot center mass. It’s the largest target.


We have to be individuals.

Nobody said it wasn’t effective.

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Why should I feel sorry for a murderer?

I’m sorry that he turned out that way. He had a good mother who taught him right from wrong. We all supported him through high school.

He done it to himself. I feel absolutely no sympathy for him.

I feel sympathy for the son who lost his father.

I feel really bad that the father died. But I have the capacity to feel for others as well. They are human to me. It makes me sad when any life is ended. I guess some people just don’t give a good ■■■■ about anyone but themselves.

I have plenty of sympathy for innocent people who did nothing wrong.

Someone who preys on others, I could care less about.

If that makes me a monster in your eyes, then so be it.

True. In the old tv shows the Lone Ranger would shoot the gun right out of the bad guys hand.
Hitting the gun, not the hand, of course.