CLASS WARRIOR? Financial Filings Show Elizabeth Warren’s Net Worth Between $4-10 MILLION

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Newly released financial filings show potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren’s massive net worth; despite her ongoing attacks against the nation’s wealthiest residents.

The paperwork released by The Center for Public Integrity reveals the progressive politician’s net worth is anywhere between $4 and 10 million. The report is unable to place a final figure on the total because multiple assets -such as property value and book royalties- fluctuate over time.

1/ Sen. @ewarren has filed her presidential candidate personal financial disclosures.

Docs we have show:

* She took in decent amount of book royalties
* Retains title at @Harvard of “emeritus professor”
* Is quite wealthy, with most holdings in garden variety bond/mutual funds

— Dave Levinthal (@davelevinthal) February 5, 2019

“Warren’s wealth has been no secret, but could become a political target in 2020 for anyone looking to chip away at her image as a left-wing economic populist who has rallied for everyday workers against big banks and the ultra-rich,” writes Fox News.

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