CLASS WARFARE! Elizabeth Warren Continues Attacks on ‘Billionaires,’ Calls for ‘Universal Childcare’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator and potential 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren continued her all-out assault on the nation’s wealthiest citizens Monday; calling for a “universal childcare” program and a “Green New Deal” throughout the United States.

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How will this work? All of the billionaires are the liberal left.

Obviously this is just more of the left’s identity politics. Class warfare.

This is a classic case of envy and coveting something someone else has. What’s the matter Liz? Pretending to be Native American didn’t get you far enough? Now you have to condemn people who worked harder than you, to get what you want but can’t afford. Maybe you should do like your buddy John Kerry and find someone with a lot of money to marry, twice.

The Hypocrisy in this perpetually PMS’d woman is monumental.
According to financial statements, Warren IS a millionaire.
Now, the facts…
Her idea that wealthy people “have too much” or “don’t need to have” is absurd. It is none of her or anyone else’s business how one spends their earnings. Now, she is also touting double taxation.
This is hate. Pure and simple. Warren HATES anyone who she views as fortunate to have means. And she wants us to think 'they need to be punished"…
Her message may resonate with green with envy millenials and those on the public dole, but it won’t wash with the main stream.