Clarification on calling others hypocrites/addressing the poster with "hypocrisy"

I flagged it, and it stands, so please consider this my request for clarification.

Hard to be able to follow whatever the “rules” are when mods seem to be allowed to tiptoe around them as posters. I was once slapped down here for using the “h” word and was officially told attributing it to others is not allowed.

Here’s the question.

Is “hypocrisy noted” or otherwise attributing hypocrisy to an honored guest of the forum, acceptable now under the new lax rules?

If a non-mod said this and it were flagged, at the very least there would have been a mod note, if not a straight up sanction, since that’s how referring to others as hypocrites has universally been handled since we moved to this platform.

“Hypocrisy noted” - the post

“You’re a hypocrite” - the poster

The post was ruled on. Internet lawyering doesn’t suit you, and this “but mods!” weapon is going to backfire very soon. Drop it.