Clarification Needed Please

In another thread @WildRose claimed that we are calling out the mods by creating a thread asking why a certain action was taken.

Tds aocds..ods and what's up?

Is this accurate, do we now need to be sending PMs or is a thread permitted? If we are not to be creating threads asking these types of questions isn’t this section of the forum slightly redundant?

One last question - I did not see an answer to Plasma’s question about the use of the phrase AOCDS being acceptable? It is a valid question especially when TDS is widely used on the forum.

I asking these questions out of a genuine desire to know.


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Snow already answered that question when he closed the last thread.

Not usually a good idea to open up a second thread on a closed subject.

That wasn’t the entirty of what was posted, nor the reason it was deleted.