Clapper Lied about Leaking Dossier to CNN

According to the GOP Report, James Clapper was responsible for leaking information about the dossier and its use by the FBI to CNN…and for lying about his involvement. Yes, that’s the same James Clapper who had previously lied to Congress about collecting data on the general public.

Shortly after the release of the meeting involving the dossier by CNN, Trump had blamed the intelligence community. Clapper then released a statement saying he had advised the President that neither he nor anyone in the intelligence community was responsible for the leak.
Also, Comey has stated in his memos that he knew CNN was looking for a “news hook” to justify reporting about the dossier. The meeting with Trump provided CNN with such a hook, and it was Clapper who encouraged Comey to brief Trump on the dossier.

My opinion: Its time to start an real investigation on what crimes, if any, were involved in starting this whole bogus collusion investigation, and Clapper is a good start.

if these trump hating people go free, the precedent is going to ruin the country.

I believe it was just tip of iceberg. Remember someone leaked a Trump phone call to Mexican pres and one other.

The GOP Report is creative/selective writing.

Anyone who believes the GOP report, is gullible, and part of the cancer of the Republican/Conservative tribe.

There you go again…tribal projecting.

Which parts in this particular article are false? Has Clapper denied any parts of this? If the facts are wrong, surely he isn’t just gong to sit there and say nothing.

Clapper and others hated Trump long before he became President, IMO. The heads of those agencies directed them into domestic politics and away from defending our country. That is a lot more dangerous than a few Russian internet trolls

the Russian trolls would at least be entertaining… for example … as in this Rocky and Bullwinkle documentary. Note the cameo appearance by Elizabeth Warren. Note also the reference to Hillary.

But we should believe the Fusion GPS dossier, right?

Say you want about the actual numbers of votes in the election but its less about just hating Trump and more about hate of almost 63 MILLION voters and its a precedent that says half of the citizenry is hated and don’t count. The forgotten man!

I’d be cautious about drawing conclusions from a report from a committee chaired bu Nunes. He’s made others look very foolish for believing their nonsense before. On numerous occasions.

That being said, what “crimes” are you wanting to investigate?

Primarily leaks. Also Clappers lies, going back to lying back to congress about data collection. Also misuse of official positions for political purposes.
And, as the Mueller authorization says, any related crimes.
Remember, the Mueller authorization is to investigat collusion, whether criminal or not. Doesn’t have to be a crime.

Oh, and always cautious, never dismissive.

No, Clapper is very quiet, kinda like Obama, who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Wonder why :thinking:

I think the left originally was going to use the dossier when Hilary won. They knew it was phony and would use it to embarrass Trump and silence him after the election. They didn’t want Trump criticizing Hillary as she opened the borders etc, and he would not have the platform to defend himself.

Clapper had lied on multiple occasions now.

I wonder if libs will still defend him?

The GOP report is ignorable propaganda. Everyone who took part in it should be worried about their inevitable inclusion into the obstruction of justice investigation.

They will ignore it and say if it isn’t from the NYTs or Wash Po it doesn’t count. Thats what they do when there is no way to make a real argument.

SaysWho:“The GOP report is ignorable propaganda.”

And too think critical thinking comes only from the left.

Leaks are only crimes when they contain classified information and since the dossier is hardly classified, it would be a stretch to want to prosecute leaking of unclassified information. It is not illegal to embarrass the president.

Lying to Congress almost never gets prosecuted. Just ask Sessions. The DoJ is not interested in getting in the middle of stupid political bickering.

If you want to accuse Clapper of using his office for political purposes, you should be more specific. I don’t know where you drew that from.

The problem is the report is one sided, unverified and from a source with both a clear political agenda and a history of lying.