CLAIRE’S WARNING: McCaskill Warns Ocasio-Cortez Against Alienating ‘Working-Class Voters’

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Outgoing Sen. Claire McCaskill offered some unsolicited advice for incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this week; warning the liberal legislator against alienating “white working-class voters.”

McCaskill was speaking with CNN during her exit interview when she was asked to weigh-in on Cortez’ recent comments regarding the border, green energy, and more.

“I hope she also realizes that the parts of the country that are rejecting the Democratic Party, like a whole lot of white working-class voters, need to hear about how their work is going to be respected, and the dignity of their jobs, and how we can really stick to issues that we can actually accomplish something on,” said McCaskill.

“The rhetoric is cheap. Getting results is a lot harder,” she added.

McCaskill lost her senate seat to Republican Josh Hawley during the 2018 midterm elections; flipping another pivotal vote towards the GOP’s majority.

Read the full report at the Daily Caller.

What would a 20 something waitress know about the working class.

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Cortez is someone we have to stop talking about. She has showed us just how easy it is to infiltrate our government. At any point we can find our government being taken over by communism.