Civility era is back? Or is criticizing Trump still allowed?


I’m seeing a lot of posts disappearing that broke no rules, addressed no posters specifically, etc.

What’s going on here, mods? Seems that any old posts people dont like are being flagged and deleted because someone doesn’t like what is being said, not because it broke rules or attacked a poster.

We’ve been down this road a lot recently, and I’d really like to politely ask what gives. I believe many of us have gone out of our way to post according to the rules, and to follow guidelines we’ve been given when sanctioned, but now posts are just disappearing and are being removed with no explanation. And this isn’t a case of posts higher in the chain being deleted causing it.

It’s very hard to know whether we’re breaking a rule or following the rules with so many ghost deletions, with no explanations.


An entire “Flynn sentencing” thread was deleted this morning for no apparent reason. If there was a reason, I would love to know so I won’t make the same mistake again. Thanks.


Seconding this. At the very least an explanation is warranted so forum members can avoid repeating mistakes.


I recently had an interaction with a poster who accused me of breaking the rules and quoted them. I quoted a rule I thought he was breaking in response. My post ended up flagged as “inappropriate” and deleted. His is still sitting there.

I try to follow the rules as much as possible. It’s hard when it feels like the trolls play by a different set and are basically immune to punishment, no matter how egregious they get.


Yeah I can’t really figure out why some posts and threads are deleted, and I read the blue thing a couple times since I joined.


There is no rhyme or reason for deleted posts.

Hell I post so much that I don’t even remember posting something against the guidelines.

But not even sure what I did and what rule did I break when my posts are deleted.



The post was a tweet with a link to another tweet with no commentary on either tweet. Just a “look at this!”

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