Civil War Within the Democratic Party?

There is an anti Pelosi movement brewing in the Democratic Party as to who the next speaker will be.

And Rep Marcia Fudge may step up to try to become speaker.

I for one think that the Democrats should change up leadership in the congress and I see this as less of a civil war but more of a changing of the guards.


It would be great to see some new faces in the dem party leadership.


The House has 35 new faces

Not in leadership… Still old white people…

So libs are going full bore into radical extremism.

I am okay with her in leadership for a while with a clear successor waiting. As my beloved Gin and Tacos points out, any company with an elderly CEO or football team with an elderly coach would have some clear, considered plan of succession (and not just “It’s my turn!”).

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Explain please.

People may hate her but she was affective

Work camps. Forced collective farming. Struggle sessions. We’re going to model ourselves after the Kurds and their utopian socialist vision! Get rid of those bourgeois tendencies and join us!


Will there be cookies or pie?

I agree with @margaretms2.

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I am not the first to point this out, but THE GOP RAN AGAINST PELOSI THIS YEAR IN THE MIDTERMS (pardon me being shouty) And they just got their asses kicked mightily.


There were Democrats in the more red areas that did say that they wouldn’t support her for Speaker though.

So I am expecting that this is stemming from that sentiment.

No cookies or pie. Drills and inspections.

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It’s like the party is fracturing before our very eyes. :joy:

I think she’s actually facing a challenge from her left, isn’t she? And I totally get it. Seth Moulton of MA is one of the people leading the charge to replace her. I don’t think Marcia Fudge has to worry about being primaried from her right. :slight_smile:

Plus a lot of running if you don’t pass inspection.

Damn. My bone spurs are starting to act up again

I hear you can get a lot of attention at rallies if you’ve been through a personal Vietnam.


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