Civics Test? Please let this be the start of a movement

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Florida will require high school seniors to pass a civics test to graduate

By Lauren M. Johnson, CNN

Updated 4:47 PM ET, Wed December 11, 2019

All Florida high schools, including Coral Springs High School, will be required to take a civics test before graduation.

All Florida high schools, including Coral Springs High School, will be required to take a civics test before graduation.

(CNN)There are some new rules in place for high school students who want to graduate in Florida.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that high school seniors will now be required to pass a civics test similar to the citizenship exam taken by naturalized citizens in order to graduate.

Most surveys typically show that less than 25% of young people are capable of answering basic questions about American government and American civics … we have to do better," DeSantis said

So all those man on the street interviews were right?

I hope the Republic will follow suit.


Civics is a mandatory class in Canada.

American Goverment and American History are both required high school classes in NYC.

Wisconsin has that.

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You mean other states, right? Surely, you don’t want the Federal government mandating high school standards.


I think he means Texas.

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Oh that makes sense.

I would love to see a Constitution class requirement. Of course I would have to teach it.

Canada needs a Pork Identification requirement. It’s freakin’ ham.

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one of the 50 states in the beloved union that Lincoln saved.

It’s a state, not a republic.

Subject to the laws of the United States.


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Did I pass my civics test?


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Civics is a required course in the middle schools in Massachusetts.

I don’t object to it as a course requirement, but why mandate a specific exam in it to graduate?

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So it becomes important.

I think middle school is too young for one and done.

Constitution should also be a requirement for any college degree.


No it shouldn’t.

Yes, it should.

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Colleges don’t have to college the way you want them to.

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Hence “should” not “shall”. You seem a little agitated, have I offended you?

It’s already there for students with an interest.

And they have no interest. Are there no other mandatory requirements common to all degrees?

Libs will bitch, moan and complain how this would be unConstitutional,. How it will effect minorities etc. Or how it will give unfair advantage towards republicans and Conservatives. Maybe even throw in voter right BS, or violation of voters rights.