Citizens of NYC are fighting back

I made this point before that trying to arrest somebody can and likely will get messy. What if a person decides that they don’t agree with a particular law and does not want to be arrested? Should police try to forcibly and or physically enforce laws? Are altercations like this worth it? What if while trying to arrest this person he fell and hit his head on the ground and died? Good thing that his friend was there to help him. (Note: The video contains much inappropriate language.)

PS - I think we can all appreciate the commentary by the gentleman taking the video.

MOD NOTE: The video at this link contains very strong language.

I would most definitely put a warning label on that link/video.

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Got it.


Darn, I thought this was a thread about them fighting back against DeBlasio


His real name is Warren Wilhelm or something like that.

The dangerous grip lasts a chilling four seconds, video from the July 1 melee at Grand Concourse and Morris Avenue shows.

Then the captive cop falls to the ground. At that point, the suspect breaks the headlock and runs off.


It’s good to see people rally in support of the police officers. Blue Lives Matter is picking up steam…and that’s a good thing. All over the country, police officers are calling in sick, retiring, quitting and filing for disability.

If this is the liberal agenda, it’s working but the ramifications of it are murder and violence getting even more out of control. I find it so puzzling, how when cities get destroyed due to the poor choices being made by political leaders, these same leaders have the audacity to then ask for financial assistance? The assistance I’d like to give is verbal and it’s, “vote these people out of office and start again”.

You really need to delete the link to that video as it violates just about all of the profanity rules here.

All I could think of while watching that video was that you couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop in certain towns/cities. I have to believe it’s the rookies and low seniority that get the ratholes.


All rookies are accompanied by senior officers as their TO’s.

The SO’s are the officers with the most knowledge, experience, and contacts in those high crime neighborhoods.

…like the one who killed Floyd, while the rookies were observing? :sunglasses:

I hope they make a lot of money. When I got my job at NJ Bell in 1987 it was located in the city of Irvington. Obviously with zero seniority a transfer was not possible. But a transfer to a lower paying job to a town that didn’t have a guard tower at our building is what I did. Yes, our building had a guard tower and someone with a rifle atop it. It was that bad. Not only was it dangerous, but depressing. I wasn’t working there. I can’t wrap my mind around actually being a cop there.


Reminds me of a trip we made through the DC neighborhoods in the late sixties and again several times during the early seventies.

Three different times my uncle’s old station wagon was bombarded with bricks and bottles just because we were white.

Needless to say the language being directed at us wasn’t very kind either.

democrat leadership took a hard position on this kind of anti-police racist thuggery going on, random killing toddlers and young moms:

“people will do what they do”



Cool story bro…

Something like that happened to my sister and her friend driving through Newark (NJ) - although not that long ago - at night.

You could have had a similar experience in Philly. I made a wrong turn in the city once. They stopped my car in the middle of the street. Told me that if I didn’t turn around they would turn me around. “They”. Yeah. “They”.

But I know SE DC too…scary back then and even later.

And supported by some of us who experienced similar things.

Of course, one has to be white to have that experience.

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It’s best to avoid Newark or Irvington day or night. Just drive around or use major highways to pass by them. I lived in the area for many years. I was born in Newark. There is nothing positive than can from being anywhere near those two cities.