Citizens Defending Police

CHICAGO (CBS) — An attempted traffic stop ended with a Cicero police officer getting shot four times near the Chicago-Cicero border.

Fortunately the officer is in stable condition. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery Officer Duarte.

Why is this year and a half old article a thread in the politics section?


The liberal answer to illegal gun violence in the inner cities is to ban legal guns in the peaceful suburbs.


I doubt Officer Duarte feels that way right now.

Again, why is this year and a half old article a thread in the politics forum?

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Because I put it here.

to what point?

Why? What was the point? That a year and a half later you’re still sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery? Or you had no idea when this was from and just saw Chicago shooting?

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I like stories where the good guys don’t die.

Yes. It can take a while.

Oh come on. You thought you saw a new Chicago shooting article, didn’t read it, and wanted to start anothet 2nd amendment thread that goes nowhere. And now you can’t admit it.


Have you been praying for him this entire time?:roll_eyes:

Not true.

I pray for the good guys to win everyday.

Don’t like that one huh?

How about this one in California?

:joy: Yeah that’s believable.

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I was actually hoping the hoplophobes wouldn’t see it and start carrying on like they do. But you spoiled that.

How about the 2nd one?

I had to change the thread title thanks to you. I like the new one better, don’t you?

This thread is apparently about officer Duarte, who you are deeply concerned about considering all your thoughts and prayers you’re sending a year and a half later. What does this California post have to do with anything?

Did you read it?

A damn near two year old article and the OP said “thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.” This is going to be better than the Stormy thread. You internet guys…