Cisco fires employees who asked the "wrong" questions during a BLM discussion

In early June, dutifully doing its part to virtue signal along with the rest of the world, Cisco Systems hosted an “all hands on deck” meeting on race, hosted via videoconference. . .Several people spoke out online against Black Lives Matter during these online forums. For example, one employee wrote: “Black lives don’t matter. All lives matter,” while another wrote that BLM “reinforces racism”. A third employee commented: “People who complain about racism probably have been a racist somewhere else to people from another race or part of systematic oppression in their own community!”

If only white employees were fired, is this an example of systemic racism?

If the company fails to host similar seminars on how lives of people with other complexions matter, would that be systemic racism?

Sounds like Cisco may be creating a hostile work environment based on race.

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just another example of the leftist democrat inspired race war

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Yes. The company has an open forum about why the lives of one race matter and then fires employees who raise objections that that is obviously racist.

I suspect that some of the objections came from people from overseas. If only Americans were singled out for termination for raising objections, it would logically be discrimination based on national origin.

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Seems fair.

if your stance is that all lives matter, you probably shouldn’t start off your thought by saying black lives don’t matter.

Also this just seems like a very random story. Are we sure it’s even true?


Lol. No.


It’s hostile to racists but they don’t want them there anyway.

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From your article

Cisco says it fired a “handful” of workers for “inappropriate conduct” because it won’t tolerate racism

Open and shut case. Toxic people don’t belong in a great organization like Cisco


Been there done that long ago. Air force gender sensitivity… wayback when there were still just two … man and woman. I made a comment about women having greater flexibility to be a homemaker due to social acceptance if the role. OMG! All the virtual signaling! It was as though I called someone a name.

That … " a name" … is probably gonna be considered a filter bypass so maybe sayonara. … what law did Cisco break?


Cisco would be a good candidate for a boycott. Cisco makes consumer products- routers, cable modems etc. I’ll never buy another Cisco product.

Go for it. I’m sure you’ll make quite an impact on their bottom line.


Unless they are in a right to work state then it’s legit

I seriously doubt you buy any now



Was what CISCO did illegal?


Oh I see what you did there

I’ll have you know, I’ll not be buying all the things I’ve never bought before.


It’s the only question that matters

And very appropriately used.

Cisco said that ultimately 237 comments of the 10,400 made during the videoconference "objected to what was being presented"

Likely won’t be that many next time. And they clearly went through every comment and graded it as “in line” or “not in line”.

My question is how did so many organizations and companies wind up being run by people who think like this? Why are the “elite” and the rest of us with such a different world view?