Circuit Court Rulings 2021

They are picking up speed…

I don’t normally care for Breitbart, but it’s Friday.


I haven’t read the decision, it seems they are ruling on open carry. If that is the case, they must allow concealed carry.

I believe this picking up of speed will force the hand of the SCOTUS.

The 9th’s ruling is of course absurd.

The 9th circuit is usually absurd.

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DC District is worse.

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Jersey got their shots in on the case.

“Blue states saw the ruling as a green light to implement strict firearm laws.

Gurbir Grewal, New Jersey’s attorney general, said he was proud to lead 10 states that filed a brief in the legal battle to support firearm safety laws.”


they already ruled there is no right to concealed carry.

this ruling is completely ludicrous. how do you bear arms without carrying one? they essentially ruled you don’t need to carry to protect your home, but I don’t see that limitation in the 2nd amndt

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