Circling The Wagons

More disgusting than Cory Booker, is the coverage and talking points about Spartacus.

In the movie the slaves rose up, or circled the wagons in defense of their leader. Spartacus being the leader of the slaves.

Booker may have been comparing himself to the noble leader, or he may have been referring to the appreciation of his colleagues for standing in support of his spoken ideals.

It is not a singular choice, his comments can be interpreted in different ways. What is for sure is that democrats know how to circle the wagons and Republicans do not.


I really wanted to address the way he has been portrayed.

My mistake. I’ll delete.

first sentence of OP,

it is about the coverage, read the OP

this reminds me of athletes coming up with their own nicknames, i don’t think you can declare yourself having a spartacus moment. I don’t think the media talked about it that much when i was watching the news that day, maybe because it was such a weird confusing story about what he was actually releasing, it’s importance, and whether or not it was pre-approved.

some people watched it unfold in live coverage

this may help you. it was staged

The Proggie/Lib/Socialist/Commies act as a swarm, (note SCIENCE content).

To get Obama elected they swore and oath to the white working people, and Marriage, to name a few…
Then they turned en masse against these people, they moved as one.

They have only one difference with Spartacus, they were, are, and intend to be the enslavers.

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I refer you to big brother hell no, Dad! thread

Absolutely insane.

Thank you for explaining yourself.

Cons have more of a reading comprehension problem these days.

and libs have a writing problem.

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Projection. Both extremes have the problem. But I see liberals going more and more left these days, and becoming more and more close-minded.

the definition of liberalism is, conclusions without thought.

Where wolf.

There wolf