Cindy mccain Says Republicans "Not the Party My Husband and I Belonged To"

cindy mccain is entitled to whatever opinion she wants to have.

But hey cindy, is the dimocrat party the same as the one your husband always cozied up to time after time after time…

Maybe every once in a while one of these ace reporters could do a follow-up question when people go spouting off.


Difference is - the Republican party was once relatively conservative, now it is more populist.

The democrat party has always been left leaning - it’s just traveling further in the same direction.

One was a complete course change, the other was an acceleration.

Of course it’s not the same after her late husband sold us all out for decades. Is she getting a book deal out of this? lol

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Case in point. When I was in the Republican party, Republicans attacked anyone who attacked our veterans (particularly those who were POW’s) in such a manner.

Hang your hat up with the libs then, they’ll attack old ladies for crossing the street. lol

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So mccain had a shield to protect him from any and all scrutiny??

What was he doing passing on the dossier the way he did??

I’d really like to know.


Well, I could either go with the Republican party that is more liberal than the pre - 2016 Republican party, or the Democratic party that is even more liberal than that if I chose to go that route.

I’ll just stick to being a conservative and remain independent. Thanks anyway.

McCain’s military service only matters when political points are to be made, usually by never-has-beens or Persons of Greater Use Elsewhere (POG’s).


Cool story, bro. Stick away. lol

McCain’s politics are open to criticism. When Cap’n Bone Spurs maligns the man’s military service? Yeah, that’s part and parcel of the shift Donald inspired with his takeover of the GOP.

McCain spent his life collaborating with the enemy- no surprises here.

McCain’s loudest supporters of his Military service have never served. It’s pre-programing.

Shameless, dishonorable fealty to President Buttknuckle. Just embarassing.

Fair enough.

But to the thrust of the argument, why no opinion given, or possibly even asked for, about the current state of the dimocrat party??

You’d think something like might occur to a reporter, at least by accident, on occasion.

The article in your OP is about McCain’s opinion of the current state of the GOP, and tangentially about Donald’s disparaging of her late husband’s military service. Why would the Democratic party come up?

Just seems like the kind of question an ace reporter would come up with from time to time.

But I’m no reporter, so what do I know??


That’s just silly.

I agree.


Yes… We’ve know that for years. I think McCain voted for Obama when he was running! Sad, his last act was lying about his Obama care vote…

Not the same Republican party? Well no ■■■■■ Most of us knew that already. This is The New Republican Party. Where military service is ■■■■ on. Where traditional conservative values need no apply. Where grabbing ■■■■■ and cheating on your wives is en vogue. And where saying ■■■■■■■■■■ in a tweet is uber cool.

The Republican Party is now worse under Trump. But the Democratic Party is now moving further left.