Cindy McCain has heard Trump won't run for re-election

Cindy McCain says in this story she’s heard rumors that Trump won’t run for re-election. This despite the fact he’s been acting like a candidate since day one of his administration. This would make sense since his premature campaigning is really a display of his insecurity that he’d actually win a second term. I do think it’s very likely he won’t run, especially if, as the midterms showed, he thinks he might lose. And looking at the numbers, it’s a real possibility.

Good. Adios.

What did obama do differently regarding campaigning from day 1?

Fat donald is trolling. He’ll run again, he can’t help it.

That’s my theory, too.

Or he resigns in disgrace.

Honestly, I can’t see him resigning. He’ll run before he resigns. Or he won’t run at all. Which I think makes sense with the way he is.

I’m sure this rumor was started by fat donald’s camp hoping the House would take the foot off his neck come January.

When was Obama’s first official 2012 campaign event?

Trump submitted the form to declare with the FEC for the 2020 election ON INAUGURATION DAY. And he held his first campaign rally less than a month later.

By comparison, Obama didn’t declare with the FEC for 2012 until April of 2011.

Is that enough of a difference?

The Midterms showed no such thing

There was no Blue wave.
GOP lost 38 seats in the House and gained 2 seats in the Senate.

In 1994, Clinton lost 54 House seats and 10 Senate seats and was reelected in 1996.

In 2010, Obama lost 63 House seats and 10 Senate seats and was reelected in 2012.

“Rawstory” reports that Cindy McCain says she has heard rumors that…

And people are treating this as if it were news?

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Well, people are saying…

Voters voted for democrats by a large margin over republicans. Many more seats would have been won if not for the gerrymandering, Gerrymandering doesn’t help in a presidential election.

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It was a historic victory for Democrats, the likes of which they had not seen since Watergate. The Republicans, with a good economy, low unemployment, and tax cuts should have gained 8-10 seats in the Senate, with the map being the most favorable for one party in over 60+ years. And they barely squeaked out two. This is all because of the repudiation of Trump. America rejects Trump is the headline coming out of the midterm. That is not to say that these other midterms were not also historic in their own right. But to suggest that this midterm was not a Blue Wave of historic proportion is denying reality.


I think people are treating it as an interesting topic of discussion. Nothing more. Speculating on what Trump will do come 2020, considering the changes in DC is fun for people. Perhaps not for you, as you seem rather put off by the discussion.

Fat donald is losing support. He can’t win with just his base.

Exactly. And that base continues to contract to an even smaller minority than it already was.

THAT should put the issue to rest.

Still have some blue puddle on my socks.

I agree with you. Donald won’t resign. He might well decide not to run again. If in the next several months he starts going on and on about what a fantastic job he’s done (I mean more than usual) and how quickly he made America great again, then I’ll start to wonder.

Historic proportions? Not even a little bit!
Going back 100 years- the party in the WH lost
1914 -61 House seats +3 Senate seats
1922 -77 House -7 Senate
1930 -52 House -8 Senate
1938 -72 House -7 Senate
1942 -45 House -8 Senate
1946 -54 House -10 Senate
1958 -48 House -12 Senate
1966 -47 House -3 Senate
1974 -48 House -4 Senate
1994 -54 House -10 Senate
2010 -63 House -6 Senate
There is simply no way to spin this year into historic losses. It doesn’t come close.

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did they have the same level of gerrymandering?

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Historic Bill. The Democrats had their largest Congressional victory in over 40+ years. They managed to prevent their losses in the Senate from exceeding just two seats, when the map was more favorable for the GOP than any other party during a midterm in over 60+ years. All because of Trump, and America’s rejection of him and everything he is.

The Blue Wave also wiped away his shield that he held in WI, MI, and PA. You know, the three states that allowed him to win the EC by a mere 78,000 votes total. This midterm was a complete and total repudiation of Donald Trump. Which is great for America and the current fight for our nation’s soul. It’s cause for celebration! Trump and his supporters are being relegated to an ever-shrinking minority of the populace.

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