CIA ‘too white’ to spot 9/11 clues? No Diversity

Sweet, use this as a starting reference. It summarizes the history of Afghanistan, going down the list of its various conquerors and evolution. A lot still remains in the culture today. Some of Alexander’s fortresses are preserved (although partially uncovered due to the conflict) like Gobekli Tepe was.

Do you know why you’re not allowed to use the dictionary as a source in academic papers?

Do you not understand that it’s a perfectly accurate term?

Since when are dictionaries no longer definitive sources?

:laughing: :rofl: :rofl: You’re the ones that failed learning aptitude capacity. But I get it, you guys have this narrow focus and that’s everything to you.

How come Tommy hasn’t his ‘‘C’’ insignia yet? Isn’t he one of the ‘‘boys’’ yet?

You have wildly misread this situation. We’re trying to engage with you here. Welcome to the weirdest political forum on the internet, pal, where most of the veteran posters have been here for a decade plus and we all have our own areas of expertise that we acknowledge even if we fight tooth and nail about everything else.

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You may be confusing “quoted” with “mentioned”.

Lemme try to help you even more. There are sources of information here that will blow your mind. The Great Recession? Jezcoe. Asymmetric warfare? Sneaky. Boots on the ground in Iraq and A-Stan? SixFoot and Army Cowboy among others. Tech stuff and healthcare? Adroit. MargaretMS is our resident academic. We have a French airplane pilot. We have a pack of Brits from a variety of backgrounds. Up until not so long ago, we had an ex child soldier who was in a Phalangist militia in the Lebanese civil war.

Me? I’m the guy for cops and crooks stuff and radical Islam, I guess. But if you listen to some of these people, you can learn a lot.

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Damnit, now Stalin got a name drop and I got to get on this.

Stalin spent some formative years in Baku, organizing workers strikes, doing his best Marxist stuff. He realized then how precious this part of the world was, and decided he would have it. Of course, he later to got it, because he was Stalin.

BTW according to the Qur’an I am a muslim. Sura 5:111.

According to the Qur’an followers of Jesus and the message he brought are muslims. And followers of Mohammed and the message he brought are muslims. Both are acceptable paths, according to the Qur’an. So, not all muslims are Mohammedans according to the Qur’an. Muslim means “one who is submitted [to God].”

The lying pens of islamicist scribes corrupt the Qur’an to give the impression that only Mohammedans are muslims.

I happen to be a Christian muslim.

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I understand thread high jacking when I see it. :wink:

And why should I ‘‘engage’’ with you on subjects I’m not interested in?

I got understood the chest pounding from the other post. :smile:

All right, ignore the actual upside of this forum.

Sure…when it’s appropriate.

I get wanting to win-I hate losing debates-but be prepared to run into some people who will absolutely take you behind the woodshed on certain subjects. And you’ll have to go learn more.

And that’s why some posters like taking threads down to their own personal interests, regardless of appropriateness. So they can ‘‘take you behind the woodshed’’.

I directly addressed your bloody article, then pointed out how I did so. Walk it off champ. Don’t be so passive aggressive, it’s not a good look.

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You’re really into this passive aggregative thing.

Yes, you, like the others, were still concentrating on the small picture and missed the big picture of the article.

Still trying to save it, neh? Good for you.

Please provide some examples of “whacked out theories” since you know so much about this topic…

That only followers of Mohammed are muslims is one whacked out theory. Followers of any prophet, including followers of Jesus, are muslims (submitted ones), according to the Qur’an. Sura 5:111.