CIA ‘too white’ to spot 9/11 clues? No Diversity

There are those here that believe that diversity for diversity sake has no value.

This article from the BBC offers a counter argument.:

The failure of the CIA to spot the warning signs of the 9/11 was mostly an argument between those who say ‘‘notoriously difficult to identity threats in advance, and that the CIA did everything they reasonably could.’’

There is another reason, ever since it’s founding, the a CIA ‘‘look very similar - white, male, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Americans.’’ Almost with Ivy League educations
‘‘An inspector general’s study on recruitment found that in 1964, one branch of the CIA, the Office of National Estimates, "had no black, Jewish, or women professionals, and only a few Catholics.’’ By 1967 there were 20 black non-clerical staff.

Of course, there are no Muslim CIA employees.

‘‘Osama Bin Laden made his declaration of war on the United States from a cave in Tora Bora in February 1996. Images revealed a man with beard reaching down to his chest. He was wearing cloth beneath combat fatigues.’’

‘‘Today, given what we now know about the horror he unleashed, the declaration looks menacing. But an insider in the foremost US intelligence agency said the CIA “could not believe that this tall Saudi with a beard, squatting around a campfire, could be a threat to the United States of America”.’’

How can a man in a cave out-communicate the world’s leading communications society?" Richard Holbrooke

Bin Laden wore cloth because he was modelling himself after the prophet. His poses and postures, which seemed so backward to a western audience, were those that Islamic tradition ascribes its prophets. Even the cave is symbolic, Mohammad sought refuge in a cave after escaping his persecutors. All the symbols the CIA sees as backward, the Muslim world sees as holy references. If the CIA had a few Muslim employees they would not have missed this. A little diversity for diversity sake would have gone a long way.

‘‘By 2000, the “anti-modern, uneducated rabble” had swelled to an estimated 20,000, mostly college educated and with a bias towards engineering. Yazid Sufaat, who would go on to become one of al-Qaeda’s anthrax researchers, had a degree in chemistry and laboratory science. Many were ready to die for their faith.’’

‘‘Meanwhile, senior CIA official Paul Pillar (white, middle-aged, Ivy league), was discounting the very possibility of a major act of terrorism. “It would be a mistake to redefine counterterrorism as a task of dealing with ‘catastrophic’, ‘grand’ or ‘super’ terrorism,” he said, “when in fact these labels do not represent most of the terrorism the United States is likely to face”.’’

Although the CIA has tried to become more diverse since 9/11, a 2015 internal report wasn’t very promising.

John Brennan, Director: “The study group took a hard look at our agency and reached an unequivocal conclusion: CIA simply must do more to develop the diverse and inclusive leadership environment that our values require and that our mission demands.”

Now I know the one trick ponies, and coup conspiracy plotters will try to highjack this, not much to do about that, this is something that goes back decades, through many presidents.

It has more to do with the government intelligence agencies not sharing information.

That’s what the article says. Did you read it?

I wonder if the BBC thought that was the problem with the police in the UK…too white…to see thousands of young girls being sexually groomed and abused by the Pakistani grooming gangs?

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:roll_eyes: Deflection. Didn’t read the article, did you?

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I will and I’m sorry. I don’t mean to derail.

I did and they bring up a good point about perspective blindness.

I don’t think these people, white, male, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants with Ivy League educations in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, even into the 80’s could have been convinced diversity for diversity sake was good in any way.

We were running phone scanning data gathering software with protections for security of individuals that would have found the plot, right up until about three weeks before the attack. It worked, but it only cost a couple of million dollars and was rejected for software that doesn’t work, doesn’t have proper protections for individuals and cost a couple of billion dollars. Ultimately, it was that cronyism that brought us 9-11. Pure corruption.

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Your software sounds interesting, but it seems it should have been on their tail or more aware at three weeks before 9/11.

thousands lol

It’s because the CIA didn’t have a clearly defined mission anymore after the end of the Cold War. And domestic counterintelligence was never in their portfolio.

And frankly, a literal handful of guys with a half million dollar bankroll financed by another handful of guys came up with an idea no one had ever thought of before and pulled it off against all odds.

Dear Lord and here I thought the 9/11 truthers had some whacked out theories for 9/11. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Diversity for the sake of diversity? No. However, if you are dealing with the Muslim world should you have people who are highly knowledgeable about the workings of the Muslim world? Yes.
Most likely that would definitely mean some people of a Muslim background.

Despite the author being a ping pong player, he dances around being correct. It’s unfortunate he focused so much on race.

All central government agencies are closed societies and have the same problem. Look at the FBI for example. The author did point this out.

Race has nothing to do with it. You can put a black man with those same characteristics in the same position and you will get the same result.

Donovan of the OSS understood this very clearly. And as the author rightly points out, the former OSS officers who started the CIA did as well. The CIA web page has some very good information on the early years.

@TommyLucchese good post. Good to see you retained so much of what you learned so long ago.

Good thread Lieutenant.

The success or failure of 9/11 was always gonna turn on sheer dumb luck. And it’s like, even the FSB, a counterintelligence agency with virtually unlimited powers couldn’t stop Shamil Basayev from crashing airplanes, among other things and they already had a decade of experience fighting Chechens

Yes, your first paragraph was the CIA’s and indigence’s general excuse for 9/11 and that was their line in the investigations afterward.

And the idea that ‘‘a literal handful of guys with a half million dollar bankroll financed by another handful of guys came up with an idea no one had ever thought of before and pulled it off against all odds’’, is the premise of the article. (I believe the amount the closer to 3 million total)

Did you read the article.

‘‘the CIA didn’t have a clearly defined mission’’ because they had organization of mono-thinking people that had trouble of conceiving of the next threat.

But you see, for these people, in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s going out side the white, male, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants with Ivy League educations was diversity for diversity sake. Why do you think that’s all that was hired for almost 30 years?

This is often stated with either no proof or small antidotal evidence at best.

Mantra of the sore loser.

“Who Dares Wins”