Church Shooting White Settlement, Texas

I’m reminded of Joe Biden’s speech in Cedar Rapids Iowa saying how the Texas Governor was “irrational” to sign a bill expanding carry in places like Churches.

The campaign ads will write themselves.


It will be a great public service to see the media report loud and often on this to send a message to any future twisted mental defectives to avoid churches.

They are not soft targets.


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As I pointed out elsewhere you gotta be a special kind of stupid to attempt this in Texas.

The video is cloudy but it appears that the shooter is black? The first victim also appears to be black but the congregation is predominantly white. I wonder if this will be deemed a hate crime by the media?

It would be a hate crime as a church attack regardless of race but we’ll have to see.

If…the shooter was white and the first victim was white but the congregation was predominantly black, IMO it’d be deemed a hate crime by the media? I’m curious if it will happen when it’s the other way around? I don’t think so. The media pedals “hate crimes” when it fits their political narrative.

Attacks against churches and synagogues are hate crmes whether the media will label all of them as such or not.


Nobody with a common sense of decency can argue that. I’m just disappointed in how the media portrays things with such a PC bias. Now observe this instance and how it’s reported.

Remember when Biden said “Shoot a double barrel shot gun off the balconey”?

One of the victims. He was a healthcare professional.

Rest In Peace.

Yeah even the preacher has a gun in an ankle holster in the TX church my sister attends.

If it were NJ or NY the guy might still be shooting.

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As more information comes out, this could be an incorrect assumption:

While authorities have yet to release information about the church’s volunteer security team, a witness to the shooting told CBS11 the church member who shot the suspect was a former FBI agent.

The actions of the two congregants who opened fire as part of the volunteer security team at the church were praised by authorities during a news conference late Sunday.

The two that drew their weapons were part of the Church’s security, and the one that fired and made a dead shooter is apparently a former FBI agent.

Either way, still a good thing they were there.

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The FBI is now involved in the investigation:

I doubt the shooter expected to walk away from this.

Bet he didn’t expect to get shot in 6 seconds either.


I smell a rat with the refusal to identify the shooter. You can bet if it was a white supremacist or any right-wing nut job, he would have been identified within an hour.

Look for him to be a minority or a Muslim.

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In Texas? I would have taken that bet. Maybe not in Rhode Island, though.

“Texas was the state with the highest number of registered weapons in the United States in 2019, with 725,368 firearms. Rhode Island, on the other hand, had 4,655 registered firearms.”

I know all about TX. I have a sister who lives down there. She has a carry permit and a purse holster.

Bet this shooter wasn’t too bright plus 6 seconds is lightning quick.

I think the theory is that if there’s shooting going on and the cops come - the cops would shoot everyone with guns drawn, innocent or not.

This is one scenario. One with a happy ending.

Do you really think this is the only scenario of armed citizens - one where a guy stands up, surrounded by guys with guns, and is an easy target and it can all be handled in 6 seconds?

Think of every black policeman, off duty but carrying his gun, who has tried to do his duty but has been shot by other cops because he was black at a crime scene. Then imagine it’s concerned citizens chasing after a shooter who has run into the streets…

No there were posters on this board stating everyone with a gun would be firing on everyone else with a gun. This shows how wrong they are. It shows when good people have guns can effectively put down bad people with guns.