CHRISTMAS WISHES: Hillary Posts Holiday Message of Herself Inside the White House | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate and possible 2020 contender Hillary Clinton posted her annual Christmas message on social media Tuesday; wishing everyone a happy holiday season along a picture of herself inside the White House.

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the only house Hillary belongs in is the big house!! in particular she belongs on death row that’s where they keep the traitors and spies!! if we are really going to clean up the country, Mueller, Schumer, Finestine, and many of her buddies through out the FBI and other agencies will be right next door waiting for there date with the hang man!!! we need to clean out the deep state rolling coup d’etat from top to bottom. once that’s accomplished, then will freedom be safe in america!! and not until!!! these jokers are out to steel the country in the name of socialism!! don’t be fooled!! by these false profits of human secularism !!!