Christmas songs you might not have heard

I thought in the light of the stupid move to ban “Baby It’s Cold Outside” I’d start a thread with some deep Christmas songs that you might like that may not have heard. I’ll start with this great version of Silent Night" by the Temptations with Eddie Kendricks singing. Very Motown, very soulful and very cool.

And to add one more, here’s Darlene Love singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Wait, you’ve heard this right? Probably not this version, which is in stereo. (The album is generally available in mono.) Turn this up…

And in light of the recent success of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” here’s Queen’s Christmas song “Thank God It’s Christmas” with Freddie Mercury’s usual flamboyance. Great song. Wish there was a live version of this.

One of my favorites.

A very interesting “Mr. Grinch”

I like a version of “Little Drummer Boy” by a group called “The Almost”. And then I came across this one. It’s a mix of “The Almost”, and Stomp, and shades og Blue Man Group (without the paint).

Not to say Little Drummer Boy is anything near a good Christmas song. But those guys made it interesting.

Here’s a really funny one … and it’s actually very good if you like head-bangin’ music.