Christian Music and Republicans

To me the Republican Party is more like Christian music. Sure they have their flaws, but they talk about hope, and positivity.
To me the Democrat Party is like most other kinds of music. They’re depressing, talk about death and suicide, talk about break ups, degrading women, doing drugs, or drinking alcohol.

What do you think? Can you see the comparisons to each party, and how that would be the case?

I disagree with this. Singing songs of praise and worship onto our Lord transcends worldly partisan politics.
I have been accused of being a Lib because of my defiance toward the person in the White House, however I love gospel/Christian music, plus and not to boast, but I have a very good tenor voice. Hopefully once the kids get older me and the wife can join back up with our church choir.

Agreed. Render to Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and to The Lord, those things that are The Lord’s.

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Agreed also.

Well this is a stupid thread

Remember that recent President that ran on a campaign of HOPE and the OPTIMISM of CHANGE?

Remember how the Democrats just trashed that man every chance they got? Remember how they mercilessly mocked his message of HOPE and POSITIVITY and CHANGE?

Oh, wait…


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Frankly there is very little music that I find “depressing”. The subject of death in music is a very old and established concept, just like it is in so many other arts.

People live, they die, music reflects that.

Don’t know what genre of music you listen to that spends lots of time on suicide and degrading women?

You can’t have a Country Western catalog of songs without tunes about relationships gone sour with the given that one will cry in their beer as a result.

Sex, drugs, and rock &roll. Can’t think off hand of any of my favorite Rock & Roll songs that are depressing? But yeah, lots of them do concern themselves with drugs, both legal and illicit.

I have an extremely eclectic taste in music. One would no doubt fail miserably in trying to attach party affiliation to me by looking at my music CD collection.

I imagine many others are just like me.

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I’d have to agree. The Republican party currently can be summed up by

Actually, the premise in the OP is rather absurd and shows a lack of knowledge of the history of Christian rock and pop music (or maybe you don’t consider it to be Christian music.)

Barry the gay man and his male wife Micheal trashed the nation for 8 years.

Way to announce your intentions from the start, comrade.

So absurd that you commented on it? If I have a lack of knowledge, than why would you waste your time and effort to make a post on this thread? lol. I’m just saying.

To me the Republicans are more like Christmas albums by people who aren’t really that into Christianity but like selling albums.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re better than the Democrats who are closer to the Star Wars Holiday Special for relavance to things Christian but in the end many RNC Republicans are about as reliable proverbial off holiday season as that Ford every Chevy guy used to joke about.

Wow! So we’re bearing false witness now in a Christian forum?

It’s shameful that folks want to align partisan politics with faith as if one of those respective party’s has a monopoly on God.


It was simply just suppose to be an analogy. But, “to each is their own.”

Maybe, but you, I and probably everyone else who came in here all know what the intent was. AS Christians we need to stop this nonsense. We suppose to be an example, a living testimony of our faith of what God has done for us. Don’t get me wrong I have my warts and my thorns, but a lot of times our behavior on these boards is worst than those outside of the body of Christ. I will be the first to admit, that I’m not too proud of how I go at folks, but I’m just tired of us being in the chains of politics.

What do you think my intent was then? What nonsense do you need to stop? Do you mean that we’re suppose to be an example? and not just we suppose to be? So how do you consider you to be chains of politics? If you could answer every questioned I asked with specific detail and not a vague answer, I’d really appreciate it.
I tried to keep things simple, but you wanted to complicate them.

My words are simple.

If you don’t understand, then that’s on you

Christian music has come a long way from Larry Norman to the often saccharine everything is OK cause Jesus is my girlfriend of many of today’s Christian artist.