Christian fundies and Muslim fundies evidently have quite a bit in common, particularly their hypocrisy

Looks like Christian fundies and Muslim fundies have quite a bit in common, particularly engaging in immoral behavior, while simultaneously sending the All Mighty State on a crusade to force others to behave morally.

Jim Bakker would be proud.

The guys here are Iranian politicians, both promoting strict Shia Islam. Evidently Allah has given them special dispensation to screw around with whomever they like, whenever they like.

They probably like wearing Fundies, too.

Different faiths, same old story.

This is pretty common in places like Saudi Arabia all the rich people are drunk womanizers.

To me, one of the better parts of being an atheist is not having to conceal any debauchery I may partake in. Actually though, I’m a saint compared to some of these religious types. I’m reminded of the line from the Iron Maiden song “Holy Smoke”…

I live in filth, I live in sin
but I still smell better than the ■■■■ you’re in


Up the Irons! No band is better at storytelling. Alexander the Great and Rime of the Ancient Mariner are my favorites.

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