Chris Wallace says 'well-connected' Republican told him there's a 20 percent chance GOP will vote for impeachment

20 percent today and I’m sure that number will grow.

If they were true patriots it would be overwhelming.


That’s quite a change from near zero percent not so long ago.

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People have to stop taking Jeff Flake’s calls.

Kind of sad though that even now, only a 20% chance.

Just like with Nixon, the death knell would be when the caucus is released to “vote their conscience.”

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The solid support of Trump will come crashing down like a house of cards.

I hope Trump supporters are prepared.

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How’s Mitt doing?

Telling truths.


‘well connected Republican’ by what name and what 20 Republicans will do this? Name 20. Romney, Collins, Murkowski got 17 more to go. If other do so, if they so vote most likely will get primaried if they decided to run again. Baseless speculation. That assumes all 47 Democrats vote for it, including if Doug Jones votes yes and seals his defeat in Alabama.

Elements of honor.

Steve Bannon says he’s gone.

Maybe not, but Steve may have just meant impeached, not removed.

ETA: Looks like Steve also says Hillary might enter the race. Er, no.

Most Americans will be dancing in the streets.

It would not be good politics for Pelosi to impeach Trump in six week. Once impeached, they loose their good publicity and their drip drip drip, and it goes to the Senate where the publicity might not be that good for the Democrats.

A president running for re-election after getting impeached will not be good publicity for fat donald.

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Steve Bannon has the weirdest relationship with Nancy Pelosi. Like he clearly despises her, respects her and fears her simultaneously.

If you think people in a job most people consider superior to the presidency are gonna get themselves thrown out of office to appease a guy who’s not even a Republican, prepare to be surprised.

He didn’t say that, he said what we all know that the house will impeach him nothing that the senate will.

Coupled with what Chris Wallace said today and with his friends like Lindsay Graham (in his AXIOS interview) starting to waver, I’d say watch for Trump to kick up the theatrics over the next few weeks to play his insane asylum presidency to the hilt. Things are starting to crumble. Just how far is to be determined. (Clips and links of stories from Graham’s AXIOS interview below.)

And here is Lindsey Graham today… There not going to have enough GOP votes to impeach in the senate. I don’t even think they will get all of the democratic senator votes, there is no guarantee the Democratic Senators in West Virginia, Alabama, and Colorado will vote to impeach the president.

"After speaking with the president yesterday he is “increasingly optimistic this could turn out very well.”

“The big thing for me is the oil fields,” Graham said. “President Trump is thinking outside the box. I was so impressed with his thinking about the oil. Not only are we going to deny the oil fields falling into Iranian hands. I believe we’re on the verge of a joint venture between us and the Syrian Democratic Forces, who helped destroy ISIS and keep them destroyed, to modernize the oil fields and make sure they get the revenue, not the Iranians, not Assad.”