Chris Wallace: "I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history,"

Unusually strong language from Wallace. I know the MAGA crowd has already disavowed much of FNC, but it’s still heartening to see the hard news section over there speaking out.

Makes me wonder how much Trump is going to go after Fox in the run-up to 2020.

Between this and Comey’s upcoming appearance on Wallace’s show on Sunday, i’m sure the President will be tweeting in response fairly soon.

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Prepare for OAN to become the preferred State Media.

That is after they get done running from Ukranian police and black SUVs.


Sorry to see the demise of the Newseum.

He made the comments at the Newseum, a museum about the media industry and free expression in Washington, DC, at an event celebrating the First Amendment. The event was also a farewell for the Newseum, which is closing at the end of the year.

Wallace can criticize Trump and Trump can do the same of the media. Wonder if Chris caught the irony while celebrating the First Amendment?

The issue is far bigger than Trump. Media is undergoing a dramatic change thanks to social media.

The media needs to do its part and be scrupulously objective instead of feeding Trump tweets.



OAN has a while to go yet, and there’s a lot of competition online.

NRA TV might have crashed and burned but others are trying, look at that Bongino guy trying to compete with Drudge now that Drudge(!) is insufficiently MAGA.

That I agree with.

It’s not a good change for the most part.


Yes and would that scrupulously objective apply to the likes of Breibart, NewsMax, The Blaze?

I would like to see some sort of legislation in place that mandates all new media organizations to clearly state when a segment or host is either news or opinion. It cannot be both. They all have a constant ticker tape going so it would not be any great hardship for that to be implemented.


The first amendment protects not only the press but the freedom of speech. That means the right to call out the press when you think some part of them are being dishonest or biased. That includes Chris Wallace’s right to call out Trump when he thinks Trump is being dishonest or biased in his interpretation of the press.
See how it works? Everybody gets a chance.
Now when Trump proposes some law or executive order that keeps the press from saying what they want, tell me then.


And how does that get enforced? A government agency tasked with deciding what is fact and what is opinion? Do you want President Trump to staff such an agency?


Wallace and his comrades have no one else to blame but themselves.


I would like to see media clearly state when a segment or host is either news or opinion. I would hate to see any legislation that mandated this.



Would a media outlet be willing to do that voluntarily in this current climate? Feels like too many would be reluctant to, fearing that if they label a piece “opinion” the consumer won’t take it as seriously as they might “fact.”

News services use the “opinion” label as a tool to spread ■■■■■■■■■ Fox “News” and CNN both have articles labeled “opinion” on their websites right now, implying that anything without the label is hard news. But of course there’s plenty of unlabeled opinion on both sites.

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And that’s kind of where my thinking is. It leaves it up to the outlet itself to decide what’s opinion amd what’s fact.

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Who decides what is fact and what is opinion? Are there penalties for falsifying pieces?

Luckily for us, there’s an elitist wealthy coastal politician that’s putting Wallace in his place.

Hey Chris!


This is a very good idea.

Might as well the dude already watches 10 hours of TV a day.

You guys like Wallace?