Chris Rock and Betty White

Can someone tell me what he said that was so awful? Maybe it’s not the best timing, but can someone honestly tell me how this is racist?

Did he imply all white peoples are violent? Are the majority of mass murderers by firearm something other than white?

I see him stating what usually turns out to be true, especially with many recent mass murders by firearm committed by individuals with ties to white supremacist beliefs. Why must everything be turned around to a racist insult? Have we gotten that sensitive?

You need a better link to what your talking about. Clicky your link and it just brings up the main bing search engine page.

edit to add: Okay here is a link fo what the op is talking about.

Chris Rock and, “Bet-He-White” :smile: :laughing: :rofl:

Was confused, doubted Betty would be upset about much of anything another comedian did.

This quote from the article is interesting:

“Black people can’t be racist because they have never exerted and forced their power and will over other people deemed lower than their race,”

The above said by a person apparently of color, on Rock’s message board.

Is that really the definition of racism?

Not to believe your race is superior to another for whatever reason, but to “exert or force your powerover that other race”?

Blacks getting whites fired and attempting to and at times succeeding in taking away their livlihood (Michael Richards and his unfortunate heckle response, that woman who dared to take and post a photo of a black woman “eating when she would be working while being black” who got death threats, etc.)

In the past, Chris Rock has come down hard as a rock on fellow black people. His “The Difference Between Black People and (the N words) can probably still be found on YouTube.

In one part of this monologue, he ridicules those who say “it’s the media” that’s the problem with the images of black people. “Ted Koppel never stole a thing from me.”

IMO He’s a comedian who calls it like he sees it when it comes to bad behavior, and calling out bad behavior isn’t racist.