Chris matthews out at msnbc

his comments comparing sanders win to the nazis taking france was the last straw it seems

No, not tingles.

Matthews being out almost gives me a tingle. :wink:

Good bye, good luck, and good riddance.

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This is what happens when you see white supremacists under the bed.



He was an altar boy at a mental institution.

No wonder he is such a flaming lib idiot.

More winning

He didn’t compare Bernie’s win to the Nazis beating France.

Long past time.

who is Chris Mathews?and more importantly, why should I care he was fired from his job?

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A leftwing screamer who is now gone.

He’s been out of it for a good decade now.

Let it be a lesson to everyone else hanging out at the party too long.

A kook fringe liberal bites the dust. You have to work at being wrong as much as tingles Matthews was.


Yeah same was said with brian williams…

Social media means he is never really gone

i just hope he doesnt think he actually was a “journalist” but given how delusional these psychos are, i’m sure he does

but who will tell us who wins super Thursday?

morning joke idiots lamenting his demise.

mika came perilously close to calling out the metoo idiots.

You reap what you sow chris.

i was there

Maybe he can do a reverse Megyn Kelly and go over to Fox. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

no 2


Welcome aboard!

As to Mr. Matthews,

Buh bye :wave:

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