Chris Cuomo is diagnosed with COVID-19

Let’s wish him a speedy recovery!

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo diagnosed with coronavirus; he will continue working from home

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I wish anyone and everyone who contracts the virus a speedy recovery.


So…are we going to start a thread every time someone is tested positive? Or are you looking for reaction? Baiting etc to get someone to say something negative?


fredo will lie his ass off about every aspect of this for political purposes.

since im not stupid that will be painfully evident. a curse i bear

but all the same i hope he recovers well enough to verbally assault and threaten someone else like a mafia gangster who challenges him without him getting instantly fired like you and i and sean hannity would.

Just because Cuomo is a lib, it’s “baiting”? You wouldn’t be posting this if it was Tucker Carlson.

Stay classy

He’ll be fine.

i did

glad you agree

Cuomo looks pretty healthy he should be fine, wish every American a speedy recovery and the Chinese government a speedy demise.


Let’s hope and pray that he has a speedy recovery and that his mother remains healthy:

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Who reported that? How do we know it’s true? The boy who cried wolf says he has been bitten by a wolf.

If you believe this article as well as some morning talk radio folks, Gupta totally misread Cuomo’s chest X-ray. Comments from radiologists are pretty wild.

As many others continue to do who test positive. :woman_shrugging:

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