Choice for Democrats: Abandon BLM or abandon racist vaccine mandates

It’s always different in Libville. Ya ever notice that? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


…then don’t answer for tnt and make your life easier. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


BLM laying down the extortion ultimatum again?
Somebody gonna write a check.

I’ll bet none of them have ever eaten at the restaurant they’re advocating boycotting. So…what’s a zillion times zero equal? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:



What is different?

They are two separate groups.

That’s racist… “Big Mama”

Is that what she calls herself?

What’s racist about it? She got thick as hell. She’s fat.

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“Big Mama” is a reference to black woman specifically.

Does she call herself that?

My references are for me to decide, not you. I’m referencing her fat ass.

I don’t care what she calls her fat self.


Cool. More lib divisiveness.

And eating their own kittens at that!

I bet Janaya Khan does. :rofl:

Then why not just call her fat/big? You used big mama specifically because she is a black woman.

They will only demand it from Whites…Blacks will be exempt.

Black people should get vaccinated also.

Well that one’s gonna become a tar baby for you.

Yes, I agree so long as the vaccination is voluntary.

These students died suddenly a short time after receiving mandated vaccinations. Should the schools be liable for their deaths?

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No more liable than students dying from covid if they were unvaccinnated.

One way leads to a lot fewer sick and dead people across the country as students go to school.

You don’t get to decide anymore what is racist and what isn’t. :wink:


People make judgements about risks and benefits all the time.

Ban motorcycles, non-monogamous sex, alcohol, tobacco, being overweight, refusal to exercise . . .

What if statistics later show that the risks of the vaccine were far greater than the risk of the disease for healthy young Black people. Does the school have liability?

If the school decided to have a mandatory pox party to reach herd immunity, should they be liable for damages?

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