Choice for Democrats: Abandon BLM or abandon racist vaccine mandates

The New York chapter of BLM is leading protests against the city’s vaccine mandates and vaccine ID requirements:

Hawk Newsome, the co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, was quoted Saturday in the New York Times saying that restaurants “are using vaccine mandates to enforce their racist beliefs and excluding black patrons.”

At a protest Monday in front of New York restaurant Carmine’s, Chivona Newsome, also a co-founder of the group, said of the vaccine mandates, “What is going to stop the Gestapo, I mean the NYPD, from rounding up black people, from snatching them off the train, off the bus?”

She further issued the threat that BLM was “putting this city on notice that your mandate will not be another racist social distance practice” and that “Black people are not going to stand by, or you will see another uprising .” She said vaccine verification “is not a free passport to racism.”

Will Democrat elites abandon vaccine mandates and ID requirements that disproportionately affect Black people?

Or will they cutoff donations and support of BLM until it ignores racial inequities created by the vaccine passports and mandates?


:rofl: Intersectionality is a bitch.

From what I understand, these three thugs beat the hell out of an Asian lady?


Yes, BLM has a history of creating violent confrontations when they suit their goals.

Will Democrats who run New York declare the local chapter a bio-terrorist organization for violently opposing vaccine mandates?

Will the city paint over the BLM sign in front of the Trump tower?

BLM is exactly what they look like when you take off the glasses of insanity. The only thing nice about them is their name…and they use that to virtue whip the mirage of white supremacy. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Those stupid Trump supporters are going to kill us all by refusing to blindly trust whatever the hell the government says!

Oh wait… my bad. :rofl:


They’ll find some slimy way to blame trump for biden’s mandate and therefore continue their neverending stream of trump/republicans are white supremacists out to kill black people.

Same old story.


Unlike race, vaccination status can be easily changed for free.

Also Black Live Matter Greater New York is not associated with Black Lives Matter.

So there is that


Okay, it looks the national BLM organization is siding with Democratic elite.

In New York City for the age group between 18 and 44, only 35% of Blacks are fully vaccinated.

For comparison the figure for Whites is 65%, and for Asians the figure is 86%.
COVID-19: Data on Vaccines - NYC Health

It is an article of faith among Democrats that ID requirements are inherently racist because they create a greater burden on Black people. Are New York Democrats now reversing their position in order to defend vaccination passports and mandatory vaccination laws the disproportionately affect Black people?


If one does not want to be vaccinated in order to eat indoors at restaurant one is free to use the outdoor seating or order takeout.

Changing vaccination status is easy, free and the accepted forms of proof are pretty broad.

If Voter ID’s were standardized, easy to obtain or replace and given for free I would have no problem with a voter ID law.

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Not so…

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And liiz warren and hilaria baldwin to name a few more.


There is no evidence that vaccinations reduce the risk of transmitting the disease to other people. The laws ignore natural immunity, which appears to be much more effective in reducing infection, so the public health appears to be pretext for the edicts.

If the primary benefit and risk are with the persons receiving the treatment, then they should have every right to decide on medical treatment.

This is not the first time that public health has been used as pretext to force unwanted medical treatments that disproportionately affect Black people. Forced sterilizations were once promoted based on public health. Like sterilization, vaccination is not reversible so any effects are permanent.

A Shameful History: Eugenics in Virginia | ACLU of Virginia (

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Well that took a turn.

It is becoming tiresome arguing against the same wrong information over and over.

People should get vaccinated. The risk is low and the benefits are great.

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BLM is finished.



The benefits for young healthy people are minimal. There are real risks that are rarely mentioned in the media or in White House communications.

Senator Rand Paul, who is also an MD summed up his recommendations, which make a lot more sense that narratives coming out of the White House:

"If you’re over 65, without question, I think the vaccine is much safer than the disease. And I would recommend vaccination. If you are over 40 and overweight, I’d recommend vaccination.

"If you’re under 25, the risk of COVID is about one in a million, less than the risk of being struck by lightning.

"So if you feel that you want extra safety and you decide for your children, that’s fine. But the thing is, everybody should get to make their decision. . .

“Evidence that people make good decisions – 85 percent of people over 65 decided to get the vaccine. That’s sort of a popular vote in favor of people deciding that it was a good idea. But it shouldn’t be forced or mandated. In a free society, we all make those decisions ourselves.”

People should not face persecution and discrimination for making their own health decisions.


Those damn Trump voters. lol


Yes, vaccinations are not going to stop the spread of COVID. Virtually 100% of the student body in Columbia University is vaccinated but they are still subject to draconian restrictions and mandatory testing.

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Covid can spread in a vaccinated population at a University that is in a small college town like New York City?

Color me shocked

Vaccinations were never going to stop the spread of this manufactured virus.

All of these mentally self-gratifying libs who have to be on a soapbox to feel a sense of worth are asymptomatically spreading the scary varies just as fast as their sworn enemy “unvaxxed” are, but they’re too busy choking on their own egos to wanna see the truth. :wink: