Choice As Long As The Body Is Inhabited

And I’m one of the boomers.

And there’s the bull ■■■■ syllogism you’re basing the poll on. If you’re arguing she has the right to abort in the 1st trimester it simply doesn’t follow she has the right up until the 9th month “because she is inhabited.”

Why? We keep hearing that it’s her body regardless.

Maybe a better question is when should goverment step in? At what point do we give goverment that authority?

This is something that I’ve been struggling with for decades.

I already told you twice I will entertain your offer of an additional poll question. Nothing. You are whinging.

My preferred outcome? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What’s my preferred out come? No need for another abortion? That’s not going to happen. This isn’t about an outcome, this is about putting your money where your mouth is about rights. About morality.

If you aren’t going to vote, why are you here? To criticize me? Try the Stormy thread.

Yeah… it is almost as if the issue is between two equal and opposing moral rights and the only thing that makes any real sense is a compromise where rights shift over time or something.

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And despite what you think, your kids aren’t the big time cons you think they are. :joy:

When do you believe a fertilized ovum becomes a human being? At the moment of conception, or some other point in time during the gestation?

Problem with politics these days is not enough people seem capable of recognizing that fundamental reality of existence when it comes to hot button issues like abortion.

Did you vote? No. Why not?

Moment the sparks of life ignite.

Your conception of morality in that poll is one dimensional.

Your morality is the law? Are you incapable of making a statement without government assistance?

So if the SCOTUS overturns Roe, that’s your new morality?

Then why don’t you add the Roe v Wade option I wanted. What are you afraid of?

I will assume that’s a flowery way of saying you believe a fertilized ovum is a human being, i.e. human at the moment of conception.

Do you believe IVF centers are slaughterhouses of mass murder? Because they dispose of fertilized ovum on a daily basis.

And if the point is to reduce abortion then there are plenty of things that social spending could do that would lead to reducing unwanted pregnancies but we can’t do that because that costs money.

It is a demand on the taxpayers. A demand that the unborn don’t make yet… thus the perfect group to advocate for.

Is it inhabiting her body or not?

What question do you want?

I have my believes but I’m not going to hijack this thread.

I know human life has been slaughter since the dawn of man. Not everyone gets to be that ripe apple falling from it’s tree at time of it’s choosing.

“At what stage of gestation does a woman’s right to decide her own reproductive destiny become complicated such that the State may now impose its will on her?”

What “Roe v Wade option”? The option that takes away a woman’s right to choose while her body is still inhabited? Do you not understand the entire premise?