Choice As Long As The Body Is Inhabited

So, most arguments and indeed the very term “pro-choice” are predicated on the woman’s right to choose with regards to her own body. It is often argued that her body is being inhabited.

Yet, many say “yes, to a point.” Why? Why does she have the choice and then lose it, despite her body still being inhabited.

This is not a legal question. We all know what the law says. This is a moral question. Pro-choice or not?

  • Yes, a woman has the right to choose as long as her body is inhabited.
  • No, she loses the right to choose because…

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Women won’t have to put up with this part of the baby boom generation for much longer. Then things will get much better.

It’s not a black and white issue, no matter how desperate some may be to paint it as such.

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Why not? Why didn’t either one of you vote?

If she has a right to choose because her body is inhabited in the 1st Trimester, I say she has a right to choose until her body is no longer inhabited.

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Because it’s not a black and white issue. Sorry I can’t answer in the way you’d like.

What other choice do you need?

Advancements in artificial womb technology will soon make this issue moot. If a woman doesn’t want a fetus occupying her womb we’ll just move the fetus someplace else. It’ll be a win for everyone involved.

In the meantime, we have this poll. For voting.

Roe v Wade is still the law of the land.

One that takes into account the vagaries of human existence.

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Addressed in the OP. You have been asked to not cop out using the law.

Are you going to vote the courage of your convictions? Now is the time.

When does a fertilized ovum become a human being in your opinion?

The moment of conception? If not then, what point after?

Bull ■■■■ wolf. There’s nothing vague about this. She either has the right to choose or she doesn’t. Get off the fence.

Now if you have a serious question to add to the poll, I’ll look at it. But no whinging.

Every sperm has the right to life.

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Bull ■■■■ yourself, sneak. This isn’t whinging, this is reality. You are limiting the scope of the issue to suit your preferred outcome.


Except for the people who complain all the time about paying for other people’s thing through their taxes.

The unborn are a great group to advocate for because they make no demands on the people advocating for them.

Once they move out of the unborn to born category then they make actual and real demands and a subset of people do not want to contribute to paying for those demands.

An artificial womb costs money. A real womb doesn’t… so that in itself will not solve the issue.


Irrelevant to this poll. I’m not arguing she doesn’t have the right in the 1st trimester. I’m arguing if she has the right because she is being inhabited, she has the right all the way to the point she is no longer inhabited.

Another one that can’t wait until baby boomers die off.

My convictions are the law. You’re the one doing the cop out with the end run around the law. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone.