Chinese or Wuhan Virus Considered Hate Speech in San Antonio

And I thought Austin was full of SJW snowflakes.

I can understand it, all the restaurants in my area still do take out except for the Chinese ones. Why, because they have been hassled and encountered great hostility, so they have closed down.

Which is one thing. Banning calling this virus the Wuhan Virus is another thing. There may be an overlap but those two are separate things.

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It would appear that San Antonio has had a deeper relationship with China for some time as these different articles show.

As we move forward, the onus is on China to amend relationships with the many countries of the world and IMO, their being abrasive and burning bridges, not mending them.

Bull â– â– â– â– â– 


Lackland AFB is not under the control of the San Antonio city council.

I agree but the point is more of where they overlap and the relationship between San Antonio and China. It would appear that they’ve historically had a closer than usual relationship with China, than the average US city.

Chinese culture, not so much the Chinese govt.

Proof? Evidence? Link? Police report? Anything?

That’s what we end up with when we get a post that is more than a one-word answer. :roll_eyes:

Sounds like a bunch of freaks sitting around trying to control what people say. These people are sick in the head!

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I will quit referring to it as the China virus when the people there quit considering a zoo and all you can eat buffet.

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Nothing has been “banned”.

The City Council passed a resolution condemning the use of the terms - not a law banning them.

And, in being a resolution, this has zero force of law.

Then why bother?

Virtue signaling?


If you feel the need to categorize it as “virtue signaling”, that’s fine. Whatever.

It’s not enforceable.

Again, so why bother?

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Ask them.