Chinese National Lied Way into Mara Lago carrying Malware

She got past multiple secret service agents before being stopped by… a receptionist.

Her name not being on the list should have been enough.
You can be sure that some SOP’s are going to change.

What was the malware and purpose of it…who developed it? And finally was Chinese goverment behind this? If so it was pretty stupid but again I can imagine Chinese are getting little desperate ATM.

Good question. It also sounds like all of her electronics were not discovered until she was detained. And that seems odd. I would totally suspect the Chinese government might be behind this. Remember the Chinese gal who ran the massage parlors and gained access to the president. She even brought in multiple Chinese to visit. One might think that this made the Chinese government feel more confident that they could sneak someone in. It is interesting that so much information was made available through the court documents. I would think that the Secret Service could get a judge to block the release of information when it comes to the president’s security. Film at eleven, maybe.

How in God’s name do the SS deal with Trump being at MAL? It must be a nightmare.

I am sure that they had to spend a ■■■■■■■■ of our money to vet all of the members (and family and friends).

And ■■■■ like this still happens.

I think it was Obama Deep State Operatives trying to make Trump look bad.

I mean that’s the only plausible explanation dontcha think?

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Maybe it’s time to stop letting paying customers into the Southern WH. It’s crazy.

How about that, it looks like there’s a connection to the massage parlor madame.

Are we sure she’s not an FBI employee??

Thankfully she was caught.

Righties, even you must find it stunning that the POTUS goes to Florida every weekend and is surrounded by strangers in close quarters.

Sign the receptionist up for the Secret Service right now.

The only thing that could have made this story funnier is if the receptionist was an illegal alien…

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Zhang’s ever changing story brought back memories of Trump Tower. I’m glad they finally saw the inconsistencies as suspicious and were able to save the President.


Possible Chineese spy gets into Mar A Largo . . .

Not like the spy was the personal driver for him or anything right?

The FBI informed Feinstein, the then-chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, about five years ago about the staffer and allegations that the staffer was a spy. The source who confirmed the incident to the San Francisco Chronicle said “Dianne was mortified” upon learning about it.

“They interviewed him, and Dianne forced him to retire, and that was the end of it,” the Chronicle’s source said. “None of her staff ever knew what was going on. They just kept it quiet.”

Now just change Dianne to Trump and see how BIG this story would have been.

Chineese national gets past a few SS members doesn’t do anything - libs lose their minds. Chineese spy drives car, does arrans and is a liason – nothing happens.

Wonder why the difference. :smiley:

Ummmmmm yeah… that was bad too.