Chinese and Joe Biden

I just read a blog at “American Thinker” about a very important deal that had been negotiated between China and the Trump administration which blew up when Biden entered the race. This is also a possible reason why Biden entered the race in the first place as he must have known about his mental issues when he entered it. The Chinese possible think that if Joe (or a Democrat) wins the Presidency they can go directly back to their deceptive and criminal ways. The name of the blog is “China and the 2020 Election” dated today (8-28). Please read it.

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I expect Chinese will be pouring hundreds of million of dollars into Biden campaign through front organization…and of course FBI will ignore it.

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Oh. Right. Yeah, they’ll prolly be padding the kid sniffer too. lol

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So this is the new hannity winger attack approach on Biden. Good luck.

How about posting the link to the article you’d like us to read and welcome to Hannity Land.

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What a stupid response…

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Yes. Link please.


If you are serious about this concern, then why aren’t you demanding Moscow Mitch stop blocking action on foreign interference in our elections?

Biden needs all the luck he can get with his son pocketing that 1.5 billion after he took him to CHINA when he was vp.

That ought to buy him plenty of children to sniff on a foreign island after he loses his shot at the white house. lol

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I do not hold it against Biden that his son, Hunter, made a 1.5 billion dollar deal with China. I am sure that Dems would not hold it against Trump if it were found that Don Jr. made a 1.5 billion dollar deal with Russia.

You got the talking point down.

I like it. It’s catchy. And accurate.

It’s a slogan built on intellectual dishonesty to avoid reality. But the alliteration is great.