China wants to stop buying American soybeans

Well, looks like some American farmers are gonna need some more taxpayer money. It’ll probably come from a bunch of liberal states.

Honestly, if they voted for Trump, they deserve the lost business. I grew up on a farm so I know how terrible the odds are of making money each year, but for god sakes, he literally TOLD them all what he planned to do. Hopefully soybean farmers aren’t too shocked on their way to bankruptcy.


Appears to be quite a market lost. Does the US like now sell it’s soybeans for reduced cost to other nations to export to China at a mark up?

The far-right candidate about to be elected in Brasil has pledged to remove all sorts of environmental protections and land restrictions in the Amazon as part of a nationalist move, maybe they can up their soybean production.

This is just china trying to rig our election…fake news…dem lovers

no worries, argentina is going to buy all those soybeans now…

What the heck do you care about American farmers? You just explained in another thread how bad it is to be a nationalist. Maybe it will be good for some other soybean farmers somewhere else.

What does do farmers have to do with Nationalism?

He doesn’t care about soybean farmers. He only cares about American soybean farmers. As explained in the other thread, that is nationalism. That means he hates non American soybean farmers.

look like he seemed to be worried about a massive sector of American farm industry collapsing due to a trade war with China.

Yep. And he was just decrying nationalism as an evil.
Yet he only cares about the American farm industry.

You seem not to understand what Nationalism is.

While I don’t think Doug is the least bit sincere in this show of concern for other countries farmers, I am 100% on his side on this one.

Our farmers have long been the most pampered in the world, so screw them. All the crying about NAFTA in this country but our farmers made out like bandits and didn’t seem to shed any tears for other industries hit or for Mexican farmers they destroyed.

The sooner the American farmers go bankrupt,laying waste to rural America, the sooner all their children will move to the cities and become Democrats. This has really been the plan all along and the suckers had no idea.

MAGA :us:


Trump is the only president willing to stand up to China. That’s why we need to keep the house. Dems have no solutions. For anything… Schools , housing or jobs

It’s where you like your contry and want to protect it. Like you during trade talks…

And notice this CNN article is all hysterical about something that has not happened… Because they can’t stop importing our beans…LMAO X 2