China threatens a nuclear first strike against Japan

Thank you for your service.

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biden is a false flag. Come on, Man.

They will try and take Taiwan whether through intimidation or force. They are literally digging the beaches and coastal sand out around Taiwan with sand dredgers if a foreign nation was doing this off the coast of let’s say Florida we would declare it an act of war. Look at the increase of sand dredger encounters

Taiwan has had with China since 2017. Anyone who thinks China is just joking around is ignoring not only what the CCP is threatening to do but what they are also doing. It’s not just tough talk the last few 5-7 years from China. They know the world knows they have millions in concentration camps they could care less.

China will be top dog… Unfortunately the world will be subservient. Next thing you know the CCP will be drudging sand next to Florida.

It has been amazing how wrong you Trump supporters have been about Biden to date. It really is laughable.

Biden does not even know where he is at. Give me a break. Sounds to me like someone has been eating Ben and Jerry’s Brain Freeze Ice Cream.

Get back to me when Biden’s approval goes below Trump’s best numbers.

Real numbers or fake numbers?

What do you define as real and fake numbers?

Why would you need to get divorced?

China can barely govern itself.

The problem with the world of the future is there is going to be no clear top dog.

We went full Team America World Police in the dirt for two decades on credit from them and wasted both the wars and the credit.

Bankers like new shoes too.

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I’m betting the wife would kill him in his sleep if he tried to reenlist. :grin:

Then again…she may throw a party. :man_shrugging:

Just messing six…thank you for your service.

Hard to tell what you guys want here other than everything to be the way we want even though we’ve done everything wrong to get it.

As if she’s patient enough to wait until I’m sleeping. :rofl:


Bluster. China isn’t suicidal. They know full well that any nuclear strike on Japan would immediately invite world condemnation and nuclear retaliation from the U.S… Whatever you might think of Biden, I am 100 percent certain he wouldn’t hesitate to do the right thing and I seriously doubt they would want to test his resolve.

Having said that, I can only venture a guess as to how Taiwan fares in the long term. I’m guessing that at some point China will have their way, but I don’t think it will be through the use of military force.

What do you define as accurate and inaccurate reporting? Come in, Man. Help me out.

Shows how much you know about China. Don’t make me laugh.

Japan is beginning to see the writing on the wall. If China did anything, Stumblin Joe will stumble the other way.


Ok then…