China threatens a nuclear first strike against Japan

Communist leaders in China are threatening nuclear strikes to wipe out Japan if Japan aids Taiwan in any way. The US has treaty obligations to protect Japan from Communist attack, so the threat against Japan is also a threat to the US.

Our military seems to be more interested in holding drag-queen shows and rooting out Trump supporters than in defending the nation. Our government and ruling elite have been paid off by China.

Do we have the best government the Chinese Communists can buy?

Is the Biden administration preparing to surrender to China?

Maybe it’s time for Japan to go nuclear.

Check mate China.

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The same may be true for South Korea but both have signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty based on guarantees from the US.

Can they trust Biden?

Is the US ready to risk nuclear war to defend Japan?

No…people in Biden Admin is more likely to nuke Kansas.


Yes, white supremacists are the biggest threat.


again, china is ruining the planet

“theyre not bad folks, folks”

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ha right


Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are screwed; we should be building pharmaceutical factories around the clock. The DNC wants Chinese-style governance in the U.S. - they’re not going to lift a damn finger. I’m sure BLM will tweet their steadfast support of the Chinese Communist Party within minutes.


It makes perfect sense that y’all think a three thousand year old civilization that spent ninety percent of its time as the world’s most powerful country and has now regained Great Power status after a hundred fifty years of getting ■■■■■■ would commit suicide for no reason.

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Japan, like Germany, is for all intents and purposes a nuclear power.

Maybe they have a clandestine Gundam program that the world is entirely unaware of.

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Minus the delivery systems.

Not that they’d have a problem developing them quickly.

They’re just disassembled.

Seriously, Japan is about three days from a nuclear breakout at any given point.

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Lol not gonna lie I’m a gundam fanatic.

After all, my profile picture is Char Aznable.

But in all seriousness, Japan could become a nuclear weapons state in months. The issue is article 9 and the current interpretation of it.

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I dunno. Pretty hard to hide ICBMs and SLBMs.

The Japanese could carry B61 equivalent bombs on the F-2 if they needed to immediately, though.

Like something that I don’t know, has capabilities far beyond our own and has no visible means of propulsion, is trans medium and has no control surfaces?

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That is about the most stupid question that I have seen posted here in a long time.

Ya I would like to see Japan build a navy like they did before WW2. That would be a thorn up China’s…….

Japan’s annual defense paper mentioned Taiwan for the first time.

China did its usual flip out routine…that it does every…single…time…a Western country mentions Taiwan (and of course Japan doing it was sure to rankle)…

…and the resident geniuses here act like it’s the Gravest Danger The World Has Ever Faced.

I mean…seriously, guys?

Running out of things over which to be galactically silly?