China threaten Canada with punishment for siding with America

China has issued a blanket threat to the Canadian people/government of economic punishment for their choice to side with America on the on going Huawei case. China has attacked Canadian farm export, detained Canadian citizen on false charges.

At a news briefing, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said “We hope that the Canadian side can have a clear understanding of the consequences of endangering itself for the gains of the U.S. and take immediate actions to correct its mistakes so as to spare itself the suffering from growing damage.”

So what?

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This is the unintended consequences of Trumps tariff war. Some countries/industries/companies will have to choose.

Side with the U.S. or China who has over a million Uighur’s locked in concentration camps. Decisions decisions :thinking:

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When it comes to money and the economy, things like that very often are second thoughts. It hasn’t stopped any companies or industries here.

This is why trade agreements are best negotiated by coalitions.

allies are important and China is putting pressure on American allies which could possible weaken America position.

This is why this tariff war is reorganizing world trade, countries/industries/companies are having to make choices. This doesn’t look good for the US.

As if your kind genuinely gives two ■■■■■ about what they’re doing to muslims. If Uighirs were christians, your kind would be falling all over themselves trying to find crosses to nail themselves to.

What is my kind? What did I post that you would think I am Christian? And if even if I was a Christian per say, what does that have to do with (or make things less vile) for China keeping 1 million Uighur’s locked in concentration camps?

Talk about punting you just threaded an 80 yard field goal of irrelevancy to my initial post. :clap:

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Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump’s tariffs led to WW3?

Canada and the US are allies…period. Attack one and you’ve attacked both. China is showing their desperation more each day that the economic resolve against them to stop the unfair practices is working. There is a lot riding on this now and for the future. Trusting China in handling the rollout of 5G is insane and anyone who believes that there isn’t a built in back door somewhere in all of this is beyond insane.

Notice the difference in how Canada treats their suspect and how China treats theirs? It parallels so much of the differences in our trade disagreements.

Canada did what was in Canada’s best interest.

No. It wouldn’t be funny in the slightest.


What if the tariffs themselves are WW3.

Maintaining a strong alliance is usually in a country’s best interest. But, when an alliance partner, and the main one at that, starts acting all unilaterally, the members of the alliance begin to wonder if they still have an alliance.

Maintaining an alliance with a leech only serves the interest of the leech.

WW3 was already fought and won. You’re welcome.

That’s how the short sighted look at alliance partners.

No, that’s how I look at leeches.

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