China Tells US to withdraw Troops from Taiwan. Did they learn something from Crimea?

China is becoming more and more belligerent towards Taiwan. They keep sending more and more jets over the island and are hammering it’s people with the US won’t save you propaganda based on how we left Afghanistan. Our current shadow govt is basically the Obama admin and What lesson did they give the world when they refused to arm Ukraine after Putin took Crimea?

Trump sent people in there to train their forces…


We have no businesses getting involved militarily over Taiwan.


Yep. Biden is their ticket to Taipei.

Get while the getting is good.

Did they learn something from Crimea?


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The computer chip shortage is about to get worse…




All that Biden cash circulating…and nuffin to buy.

I tend to agree. U.S. troops in Taiwan are a trigger to escalation in the event of a Chinese invasion.

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In other words, nothing to see here.

Gotta love the absolutely pathetic defense of EVERYTHING Biden by our left of center posters. No matter what he does, or orders done, our friends on the left find a way to excuse, dismiss, or downplay it.


Those troops have been there since the Trump administration.

But it still remains… we have no interest in a military conflict over Taiwan

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Are our troops there in combat?
Or maybe training the Taiwan troops…so we WON’T have to get involved. Either way you totally ignored the main point of the op.

My point stands, anything to defend, excuse, or ignore.

Training and weapons are not enough. Taiwan cannot defend themselves from a Chinese invasion without us. Either we go to war or they take it, those are the choices.

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Do you really want to go to war with China over Taiwan is the question.

As stated above, those are the choices.

China will not be deterred forever from taking Taiwan.

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They will take Taiwan they have been ratcheting up the pressure this year tremendously. Seems the question is a matter of when than if. The CCP is setting up to be the thorn to the world the Soviets were during the cold war plus the lovely bonus of hosting many of the wests industry in their country as well. The west is tied into China to much I doubt they would even put real sanctions on them when Taiwan falls to the communists.

They may just take it without firing a shot.

It’s entirely possible given the aggression of late. Unfortunately I could see it being a bloody affair involving both air and naval units.

So that is the ONLY 2 options here?
There is absolutely NO other options here?


What I find telling is the LACK of comment on how China is using our botched withdrawal from Afghanistan ie: Abandoning our allies against us. How the message has been changed from that, which was in the OP, to “we don’t need troops there…etc.” VERY telling to me, which is why I said what I said, excuse, divert, ignore.

Yes, it will be our fault.

Meanwhile our attack subs are hitting “unknown objects” in the South China Sea?

You’re surprised at a lack of comment on something that is your mere speculative opinion?

Why is that?