China targets $81B of US goods for tariff retaliation

“China is forced to take countermeasures,” said a ministry statement. It said retaliatory duties of between 5 and 25 per cent will be imposed on 5207 products “if the US side persists in putting its tariff measures into effect.”

Kind of expected I guess. Not sure why we think we can just start slapping countries around and expect them to roll over.

Here’s what Trump should do. Call them. Talk. Work out some agreement where both sides can save face. I’d say most of us here do that kind of thing in business every week/month.

They have $130 billion worth of targets to tariff, while we have $505. I like the odds. Let’s get it on China.

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And China has 1t in us bonds the can dump. Plus they can easily block our nk sanctions.

China has already begun to not bother with ordering oil from the u.s…

Seeing as your trade deficits are growing I do not think that this playing out how you guys want it too. All you seem to be doing is harming consumers and businesses in the US.

Yeah…the US should just roll over and allow our trade secrets to be stolen and keep our mouths shut about a negative trade balance of 400 billion dollars.

No what it should do is adapt to what it does best and has surpluses in and grow those sectors.

Work on better security for intellectual property.

Work on providing a better product than your competitors at a reasonable price.

And make up your minds on what you want to do about the dollar. When Obama was in and quantitative easing was being done the know nothings were listening to someone like Sarah Palin go on about the weak dollar was going to hurt Americans ability to consume. But what she did not talk about or any of the know nothings post here about was how a weaker dollar brings the price of exports down.

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And Trump is making it worse. The trade imbalance is growing as a result of his actions not shrinking

That’s what I said…we should just roll over and take it…NOT!

Tell me about that giant corporation you are running so successfully.

What Trump is doing is making it even worse

The report found that exports had fallen by 0.6 percent to $213.8 billion over the past month. Cars and trucks took the biggest hit, declining by $700 million.

Imports rose by 0.6 percent to $260.2 billion, the majority of which were consumer goods led by pharmaceuticals and crude oil.

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Ok, ok, ok…you hate Russia but love China. Who knew?

In other words cheapen the country for cheap imported products! I’d rather we have more jobs that pay enough to absorb any increase in prices.

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That is all you got as a response?

You are probably unaware that royalties from intellectual property is one of the biggest drivers behind the US trade surplus in the service sector.

False dilemma/ red herring. Because I agree with the financially conservative position that tariffs are counterproductive does not mean I love China

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As long as other countries make products as good for cheaper prices than people will pay less.

There are jobs the problem is that Americans don’t want to educate themselves to fill those jobs.

You know what is funny. The same people that support tariffs in some failed notion that it will make America competitive. Rail against the idea of a single payer system which would lower health care costs for employers and make America competitive with the rest of the world whose businesses have lower costs due single payer.


Yeah…the China is famous for their quality…or was that infamous? :sunglasses:

Again you missed the point. The same product. For instance if I am buying cheap particle board furniture which country will produce it cheaper for me to buy?

Now if I want quality as my do I buy Chinese or domestic produced furniture?