China stops buying us soybeans,trumps trade war screws over farmers

it appears that china ,the largest importer of US soybeans has completly stopped buying us beans in a response to trumps trade war.

in just 2 weeks in april they cancelled shipments of over 60k tons of beans.

it appears that they are buying from south america instead.

i wonder how all teh farmers who voted for trump feel now

Ya but don’t you feel the STRENGTH

US negotiators are heading to China for trade talks, they’ll be buying our soybeans again.

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Argentina will benefit from this.

and if they do then they’ll stop buying something else.

this trade war and tough talk thing will last for a while. then i predict it will settle back to approximately where it was to start with.

And our leverage is…?

Has anyone noticed Brazilian soybeans have sky rocketed.

And Europe is now buying up American soybeans.

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I’m pretty sure the OP hasn’t.

Or he has, and ignored it.

China and many other have been taking advantage of us. You just want to let them do that forever?

This ^^

It’s a global market. If China buys item-X from vendor-B then whoever was previously buying item-X from vendor-B will still have to buy somewhere, and that “somewhere” becomes the USA.

Special disclaimer: This reply is not intended to say that I support the tariffs. (I don’t.)

Libs don’t understand how commodities work.

But again they’re socialist.

In this thread, Conan implies that he knows how commodities work.

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If their is a demand.

Just like oil.

But again being a socialist you don’t know do you?

I was all for free trade, but it was only free on our side. What are the dems plans to make trade more fair?

im a lib and i traded commodities on the floor for 20 + years. im pretty sure i know how they work


OK Mr trader, why is Brazilian beans have skyrocketed and Europe, Argentina buying up American soy?

Explain it to forum members how that works.

Would you like to take another stab at it Mr expert?

No but i can read

“Most of the China watchers do not think they are going to come up with any breakthroughs,” said Jim Gerlach, president of A/C Trading. “There is some nervousness in the soybean market.”

Commodities traders usually arent libs.


And I can find the opposite.

And meanwhile the very same news outlet that you posted from also says this.

Reuters can’t even get their ■■■■■■■ story straight.

except Russia. correct?