China’s the biggest US enemy says Wray

So the FBI director said China is our biggest threat. Where’s the liberal concern?

I think I understand the Whoopi’s of the world.

Russia provides nothing so go after them.

China makes it. Mexicans clean it. So they must be protected.

They certainly made the biggest hack ever against the US.

Russia or China?

It’a not either or.

Only one can be the biggest threat.

China. OPM.

Libs love China for soul purpose that China is only country that can knock United States off the top…beside they want to emulate China goverment for themselves.

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Libs don’t love China. I just hate to see Trump get outsmarted by them.

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China and Russia are the two biggest geopolitical powers in the world after America.

China has outsmarted Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama…and of course those that sold out to special interest in congress.

Of course China is a bigger threat than Russia. They have our debt, they have alot of money, and they produce alot of cheap goods Americans like.

The only thing Russia has is Trump’s balls.


Yeah. But Trump has em right where he wants em.

You actually believe that?

Trump gave them the biggest gift by pulling out of the TPP. Now he’s played right into their hand with NK.

If a real ignore button doesn’t appear soon, the forum will only have these trolls.

It’s like reading pure slander of the American people and like the stench of hellfire

Disgrace to let constant workng trolls swamp the forum. Passive aggresive insults to Sean Hannity.

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Geeee…do you think maybe that’s the reason Trump wanted to meet with the head of Russia instead of the pee tapes?

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I have no issue with Trump meeting Putin, I have issue with a closed one on one meeting without aids.

Conan just had a thread on this asking which country was the bigger threat…China or Russia?

According to the poll, only one person voted for China. I wonder who that was?:sunglasses:

One of the interesting things is they present a threat due to intellectual theft and they mention seed technology.

It was funny at one time it was touted that the goal was to make better crops to feed starving people. But instead it became about making money. Things that should be shared now end up being something to steal.

Like every president has done? You do understand this is common, right?

What thread are you reading?

Can you point to a post in this thread where “the American people have been slandered”?

An example would be helpful to understand your thinking.

Thanks in advance.

I’m sure it wasn’t a lib. :wink:

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