China Joe's energy policy helps China. I guess China is getting what they paid Hunter for

Here’s a great video from Forbes of Senator Hawley asking why this admin is trying to force American into EV’s while blocking American’s from mining the minerals needed to make batteries, thus making China the biggest supplier.

It’s like they want China to be the biggest economic power in the world.

WATCH: Josh Hawley Flabbergasted By Answer From Deb Haaland


Did you know the dems passed a bill last year to called the ““Chips and Science” act.” to help US compete with China? I’m sure it did nothing to help. BUt it had a nice name.

Look they are doing another one. All really need to do is cut our massive regulations, but they won’t. No kicks backs in doing that for everyone. You need to target your friends…


You are sure, based on what?


They want to mine in a national forest, and as you guys never tire of pointing out, the mining is devastating to the environment.

The locals don’t want it, and the administration agreed. I also agree. Why must we defile all of our pristine locales for multi billion, multi national corporate profits?

We’ll just have to get what we need somewhere else.


Looks to me like Ukraine investments are paying off bigly as well.

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Is there a big success I’m missing?

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Is there a plan by this admin to make America the leader in mineral mining for EV’s that I don’t know about?

Why does every Biden cabinet member sound like a braindead moron?


Not that I know of

So you admit that you know nothing about a program that you are critical of.

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Because it’s about ticking the right boxes. Knowing what the hell you are doing is not one of the boxes.


I admit I’m sure whatever they passed help those who passed it get richer. Other than that not even you have any examples of how it helped our industries.

And why wouldn’t I believe any local opposition is orchestrated by the DNC and this admin, and perhaps has China money behind it. It’s not like we have real news in this country!

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@zantax pointed this out in another threaed - Sodium batteries

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Yeah just imaginations - of anything is possible if you can imagine it!

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Well, you are free to believe whatever you wish, but locals fighting against development is nothing new in this country.

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Of course not because it is still in the process of being instituted. But if it is done properly as per written it will be a benefit to US chip makers.

Wait what?

You critprogs lost your Chy-NA privileges when you voted for Brandon.

No more criticizing Trump.


Biden’s industrial policy is much stronger than Trump’s policies were.