China is becoming a Huge Military Threat

I think it best to unplug from china economically altogether. We can do business much as we are with them in other countries. Just move our factories elsewhere, hey, maybe the US!

They use much of what they make from us to build their military & steal our military technology, & intellectual property as well.

We can do better.

“You think our country’s so innocent?”


You believe everything one guy had to say, 15 years ago? :roll_eyes:

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“Our factories”


They’re really not. Their navy could barely project force across the Taiwan Strait before the US Navy sank their entire fleet in about six hours and their army hasn’t left their borders since 1979, when the North Vietnamese Army beat the ever loving ■■■■ out of them. The PLA mostly works in factories making toasters and ■■■■■

We’ll never have a war with China on account of nuclear weapons, but as far as an actual conventional fight these days? They’ve never felt humiliation like that. Not even close.

Trump is on it! “Decoupling”.


Several typos in that article indicate to me that it was written by someone whose first language is Chinese.

I bought a pair of reading glasses from a pharmacy the other day. As I walked out the door, it ticked me off that I forgot to check the manufacturing label and noticed they were made in China. Two days later, one of the arms snapped off. This is my experience with products made in China. They produce second rate junk and the old saying that you get what you pay for, definitely applies to China.

One experience with one product certainly provides a complete analysis of quality and product reliability in the world’s largest manufacturing economy. Thank you.

Here’s an article from an individual with a lot of experience over the decades with China.

The vast majority of Chinese imports that reach Western retail consumers to form this opinion are mass market products that were never meant to be of particularly high quality.

My experience with the state owned mills can be summarized in the basic lack of initiative to improve by most of the managers and technical staff. They had low pay and no incentive to improve and optimize processes ( continuous improvement), as I have been so familiar with here in US , so at some times quality would be OK and other simple cosmetic issues that could be fixed quickly in a motivated western mill would never be addressed. I met with a lot of good, knowledgeable, and capable professionals, but the lack of initiative could never sustain an effective continuous improvement program needed to produce consistent high quality materials.

And to think Google works for them and not our military. No wounder they suppress conservatives they work for the Chinese.

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In the early 60’s they said the same about things made in japan. :wink:

So you bought some cheap ass glasses, and they broke?

There is a lot of stuff in your home and business that was made in China, that is working like it is supposed to.

Most of the products manufactured in China, are for American companies. They have to meet the specifications that those companies put in place.

Yeah…I know.

None of that has anything to do with manufacturing in China. Neither the car, nor the system that was failing, was made in China.

Class AAA Cherry picking.

All manner of cars, from all manner of countries, have been recalled regarding parts from all manner of countries.

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China should meddle in our elections in 2020. That way they can gain Republican support.

Please explain your ressoning here? China is meddling. How does that help Republicans.