China group poses as US environmentalists, attacks US rare earths plant on social media

From the FT article:
"A pro-Chinese government group has impersonated environmental campaigners on social media platforms in an effort to undermine rare earths producers in the US and Canada, according to a cyber security consultancy.

Mandiant said the group behind the attacks, known as Dragonbridge, had used fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to claim a US government-funded rare earths refinery in Texas being built by Australian group Lynas Rare Earths would “expose the area to irreversible environmental damage” and “radioactive contamination”."

I see China/Xi Jinping puppets are silent on this while doing his biding.

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That would be as bad as the time the Russians tried to stir up racial tensions in the US. Good thing no one fell for that,


I hate it but I have to hand it to them on that one. Clever bastards.

These climate weenies are also pinko commie filth? Color me shocked. :rofl:

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How much did they spend? That’s the important question….

…and the sheoplization of the world continues.

Through social media…… something about physicians healing themselves … i forgot how it goes exactly :grin:

You know that another country doesn’t have to spend much on social media to influence us dumb ass Americans. Russia did it with just $46,000.00 and got Trump elected. :roll_eyes:

Russia’s Internet Research Agency spent just $46,000 on Facebook ads before the 2016 elections,

Yes i know. That was my point for a year after the 2016 election…. But back then it was dismissed as very little money.

Also earlier in this thread:

It is and was of little to no value in influencing the election…that…or Russia is the greatest advertiser of all time?

I disagree. It kept people home. I don’t think it changed any votes.

We know how important social media is in peoples daily lives. To dismiss its affect on something like voting is wrong.

Also you got caught up on a bot who was claiming to be an American vet. :grin:. I don’t know if you remember that

I’m dismissing what $46,000.00 can do to influence an election.

Why? Bots are free.

Social media influences you on a daily basis. It reinforces your bias and points you in all kinds of directions. Why can’t it do that en masse?

I’ve never had a Twitter account, never, ever been on Facebook, Snapchat or any other social media site. Hell…I still use an i-Phone 5.

There are very few things in this world that I give a rat’s ass about. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :+1:

Lol YouTube is social media. See you don’t know event realise the effects it has in your positions. That’s why it doesn’t take a whole lot of money

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Uh, huh. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I understand it’s easier to deny than admit to being influenced by independent journalists but thems the brakes

…and here it is, I thought my posts here in Hannity Land were influencing our host. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

You are not alone in having Feelings of undue influence.

I have them too but not directed at our host. :smirk: