China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia


He did the same with bush…claim all these things and then defend him tooth and nail…


I loved the Hillary Clinton writing books while in office example.

Person writes books and gives all proceeds to charity. Person sells name to put on front of $500 million Chinese investment while propping up Chinese company. See, they’re all corrupt.


They’re attempting to bring everyone down to Donald Trump’s level.

Honestly, what other options do they have?


I was hoping they’d realize that a sitting president making money off a foreign government is expressly prohibited by the constitution, and this is dangerously close to that. Instead it’s deflection to books benefiting charities. I’m waiting for more “free market/capitalism” or “he’s just a smart, hard-working businessman” excuses.


I mean, who wouldn’t take advantage of the Office of the Presidency to run up a few billion dollars worth of business deals while you’re in there? When you’re spending one out of every four days on the golf course, it’d be a waste of all that golfin’/deal-makin’ time …


but its something they have always done. Scream outrage when its not them, and blow it off when it is. They have never had any real principles outside of trolling liberals.


Well, this doesn’t stink in the least.


This seems pretty ■■■■■■ up.


There was no Hatch Act Violation.

Carson’s dining set is “corruption”? Excessive and stupid yes but corruption? No.

What about pruitt and manafort exactly shows corruption by this administration?

Flynn, the man who the FBI’s own agents said they didn’t believe he was lying?

You have an awfully creative definition of corruption.


The damage Trump has done to concept of truth might be irreversible.


“If you like your plan you can keep your plan”

“Shovel Ready Jobs”.

Trump is a late comer to this game.


WildRose, the supposed non-defender of Trump…
defending Trump. No one forced Trump to run for the presidency, he should have divested himself so there’d be no conflicts of interests, like there is now. I thought that be a simple concept for conservatives to grasp.


Search my entire posting history and see if you can find even one instance where I said any candidate or officeholder should divest themselves of their financial/business interests.


I give up.


100% correct.


ive said it before. if and when any of the trump family is convicted for their corruption every nickel to their name shoudl be seized. make them broke and homeless


Nah. The punishment should always fit the crime.

Now, if Trump and family are selling favors to foreign entities I’m not sure what the punishment would be. Not many things worse than that (for a president who has been given the confidence of the citizens to conduct business for us and not himself).

Or maybe we should just convict him for not shutting down Uranium One (now that republican media has convinced people that it’s worse than Judas).


Trump’s harshest critic in action


If you think the level of honesty between Obama and Trump are comparable, I don’t think you are debating in good faith.


Turning Whataboutism into the weakest tea.